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My Best Love Poem

Thou shall be more amazed
as you read me more again
I am that light
that candle which
is lit
not by matches
but by flames of those
who ignite
reading my
in-core delight

poetry call it you might
twill be an universal delight

Poetry is not alone
my birth right
when I am in sight
you read me well
but when the lights gone
you will say
O what the hell
poetry 'twas
O poet

anyone can tell
ere one rings
an alarm bell
poets alone can tell

you also may
if you are blessed

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Fanciful Love
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


is no less than any. ~ Geez.

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author comment

If you visit my profile page you will see so many which u skipped your eye

author comment

what a pleasure
'twill be
to read a comment
from thee

great Aussie

author comment

couldn't find one worth .....

author comment

have passed that stage take ur time as and when
I am also slowing my momentum
getting tired quickly

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