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Editing - rough draft


Realities of life we all must face
down from Adam to Eve
to the end of human race.
world sides those by your side
only to them if you offer a ride

if you must want anyone
to share your grief
the association will be brief

so let the world praise you
for in solitude you find a sigh
I can't say why

the sadness that prevails today
will one day go away
loneliness in utter pain
must be borne by you alone

Attack of the Panic

The room is silent
I can’t breathe
Cover my face from the light
Cover my face from the world
Tears stream down my face
The room is spinning
Darkness falls on my mind
Silence so deafening
I feel so alone
Still can’t breathe
Can’t break free of the pain
Waiting for the comfort of light
Waiting on the warmth of touch
Praying to be found
Locked in a chamber of my own secrets
Afraid because the world has shut me out
Dying because becoming a burden is too much

Bad egg in the basket

A throne has been built
by the poor of this land
in one accord they uplifted one
as a head
beneath his feet they thramble
around him they all gathered
looking up to him for provision and protection
but in return he feeds them with fear and tears,
pain and affliction,
death and sorrow.

wearing the crown of brutality on his head
like the scavenger
a crown been washed in the blood of vengeance and hatred
yet, resting his feet on the back of those
who seek justice.

Summer’s Song

So he continued to press on,
always seeking opportunities for growth;
reading the language of the universe.

It was in this state,
whilst driving down the road,
chance brought forth
a beauty to behold.

The seed pods of a wisteria
That climbed an old ash
were swaying in the breeze,
clanging like so many wind chimes.

And like himself,
summer’s song did carry on.

The jovial jester

The gentle
jovial jester
playfully pesters
the repugnant
palace molded
in malice .
Until it’s cold
callous king
tries to sing
and for once
in his
lackluster life
creep out of
his cryptic crevice
and leave all his towers
of tears behind .
As he ventures out
into this
time wrinkled world
in search of himself .

So it Goes

Kurt Vonnegut shined
his radiance in dark wit
hapless twists of fate

To see human kind
with journalistic reproach
and stark opacity

Entombed within the
curled cover of paperback
lie secrets in wait

Depictions once typed
through smoke and whiskey’s thick haze
a burning city

You were there of course
as a prisoner of war
in your slaughter house

In make shift barracks
subterranean chamber
A death factory

Insomniac (2) by: eddy styx

Insomniac (2) by: eddy styx


Rain, rain, rain. Looking inside your window payne as I introduce you to my name
Soon as I opened the door of love, may I receive the key to your heart? For I want to further proceed, burning desire to set a flame
Rain, rain, rain down on me shawty spread your wings and fly
The clouds of love awaits for us to express our feelings and not hide, open up don’t be shy
Thunderstorms as we reveal our darkest secrets, only with you will I release this side of me
Praying the rain will wash it away, as we form a puddle of passion looking at the reflection of we


The carpenter dresses his plank, the tongue of his
foreplane whistles its wild ascending lisp…
              --Walt Whitman


On day one, the fecund smell of that first steaming bucket of earth, like what the Lord enjoyed in at His work on the second day; its resonant FWUMP upon the empty bed of the dump truck. Next, the sweet fragrance of a rich batch of concrete, rattling down the chute.


Love, see what you made me do
After I have opened my door for you,
You stole everything from me without a trace;
It seemed I was dreaming when I realized
It was you who made me do this.
Why did you make me a slave of someone?
And a bunch-bag of thought?


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