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Editing - rough draft

Life Walked Through Us

Life walked through us,
While we laughed, loved in love,
The times drenching in silvery
Every minute glorious, glittering, golden
Forever to remember, passing many Decembers..

Life walked, phasing through us,
While we cried, cruised, crawled in cowardice,
The joy we shared when we journeyed,
Every grace we graced, many peace, plenty pieces.
Forever my friend, eternity my friend.


Sometimes I drift..
To a place far but more like home. My past...

Filled with dark holes that once trapped, one never gets out.
I'm becoming older, wiser? Maybe.

Monday Morning Mantra

Sod off voices,
Sod off pain,
Sod off no sleep,
Sod off weight gain.

Piss off Low blood count
Piss off sore knee,
Piss off zero in my bank account,
I will not let you affect me!

Get Lost noisy neighbour,
Get Lost grey clouds drawing near,
Get Lost kids bad behaviour
I will start the week with no fear!


hi it is weeney
you can message me on here
i hope you are good

aftermath of attacking aftermath

you want beef I feel ya
my familiar likes heat
dried seed baker Kamaya maya
hes feisty i see i see
but would you come out and fight me
Elijah my empires dust speed
its come heat
already fucking done
so suspect run
beast on the run
dont judge me you all
im sympathetic as mulans bum
i love him the most tho
im suspect number one for this ghost flow
oh no this is the ghost so
slowpoke I'm one joke away from a symbol
i got toked and riddled smoked a pencil

The Protest

C'mon, fellas,
said I,
meaning that the moment
was gone, and it was time
to move along,

wrap our protests
in wilted banners
and homemade signs,
then carry them
up and over the hill,

past the mega-church,
the All-Your-Crap storage units,
the 24-hour pharmacy sitting next to
the deluxe, salty, fat hamburger joint -
all located at the intersection of

Main and Meridian, USA
where Mother Earth
once adorned her bevy of
periwinkle vines,
crimson clover,

The wall

Grinding it out
in your hole in the wall
feeling low down, abandoned and small
nothing to do
but write on that wall
and when days turn to minutes
and minutes to years
your life becomes less
than the heartache and fear
espressed in your writing
that no one will hear!

Poems for all Seasons

In spring, I wake with rosy-fingered dawn,
and pen my lines as dew drops grace the lawn.
By dusk, when blood-red moon begins to bleed,
my sorrow-laden lines I dare not read.

In summer, poems pour out of my soul,
released from county jail - out on parole.
They lie, like lines of laughing liberty,
hysterical to be at last set free!

Autumnal lines may fall, but will not flow.
They rot inside me, then mutate and grow,
until I’m large with child of pregnant prose:
these still-born poems, damned, do decompose.


Silently she creeps to the corner of my darkened room,
Picking clean old pockets and the emptiness of gloom.
Her enquiring spark shakes me into bleary-eyed sight,
And pulls me from my bed, to arise in illuminating light.

The gibbous moon her fingers spread, grasping hold of earth,
Within a month she echoes her lifecycle, or a promised birth.
The ebb and flow she holds over nature and upon the tide,
To call a pack of wolves or in women’s blood does she reside?

to eminem (eminem diss)

to Eminem
look you'll always be my fav white rapper damn
but your also the reason white rappers were banned
before you slithered thru the sands
like the weatherman saying your rainman
but underneath your a sane man
I know the under beast personally
I'm a cave man insane man chief of the rain dance
bleep the next dream nigga envy
cable don't fuck with Deadpool baby


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