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Neopoet Random Challenge # 10 wants to challenge you to write poetry about this month's random topic that is provided below.

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is choose one or more of the following topics and write one or more poems based on your choice or choices. Please make sure your poem or poems are between 12 to 32 lines. Certificates will be given to those that use the topic as their title.

This month's Topics:
1) Guilty pleasure
2) My Christmas Friend
3) Under The Mistletoe
4) I've Just Arrived

Always remember to have a blast while being challenged. Also don't forget you are awesome

December 2021 Poetry Contest Announcement!

This month we are asking each of our members to write a holiday poem to a friend on Neopoet. If you haven't made a friend yet write a poem to one of your friends or family members. Poems can be written in any form and be 32 lines or less.

Best of luck to all contestants!

Neopoet Yearly Contest Announcement!

You will be receiving a newsletter that contains the 12 poets and their poems that won the monthly contests. After reading these poems there is a survey on the bottom of the newsletter. There is also a forum with the poems for those that are not subscribed to our newsletter.

May the best Neopoet win!

November 2021 Poetry Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Abby
For winning the November 2021 Neopoet Poetry Contest.
Please view the winning poem and leave a comment

Greener Days

The yellow sunshine does not live here.
The rainy clouds are friends.
trudging through layers of sludge-
We -.-soldier-.- on through the storms.
We shiver and cry ourselves to the bone.
In a sky full of stars we\
The night filled with the howls of wolves
As they descend upon the brave.
Our walls are built thick enough-
Though the cold tries hard to take souls.
Hurricane is the way of the day's mood switch.
I wish for the days of lavender air
And greener grasses.
When the daisies and mums consumed.
Lilacs are
dead in the ground.
Today I
fall underneath the late dark
And count blessings
the sky is devoid of white powder.
Ice will coat these streets soon.

Contest Reminder

The November contest will be the last opportunity of 2021 to compete for the yearly prize of 100 dollar virtual visa card and a year premium membership. The general membership will be voting next month for the winner of the year. Submit your poem to our November contest.

Thank You,
The Administration

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This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


December’s Haiku

Sun rays freeze as snow,
lights on trees and hanging balls;
December has come.

Clock of Flower's

Humans like picked flowers,

The clock starts to tick,

One, two 

one, two 


Autumn arrives again
trees wind stripped-nudity
gals dance about a pole
shred their clothes like lifeless leaves
they show all lay beneath skin
no fruits dangling
apples and bananas
no breasts
no busts
all cast
as autumn arrived today

oldies too walk about in autumn
like me and you
dance about in the park
semi nude no hat

if trees can show
can't they
all ask me
you can't simulate trees
many autumns all have seen
naked like multi colored autumn leaves




After completing the swimming round-n-round
in the confines of the steaming coffee cup
(on maybe it’s your Pu-Ehr tea)

time to indulge in another morning ritual
opening the iPad
and allowing the screen mesmerization

to occur, focusing only on the two foot space in front of you
the loud voices of the printed word from the screen
affecting the internal dialogue that was only shut off while sleeping


No matter how accepting society becomes it's hard being a Queer,
You feel your not part of like you don't belong here.

Queers and gays are not sexual deviants,
No, were not missing any ingredients.

Being Queer is not evil or a curse,
It's not something we practice or rehearsed.

It's not a sin, wrong, weird or strange,
It's not a phase or something we can change.

No one should have to hide who they truly are,
We are not retarded no need to lower the bar.

A star with a scar

A star with
a scar
lead out of
the light.
Longs for
love yet
the night .

Living in New Mexico, Longing for Rhode Island

There's something about when it gets cold:
when leaves whisper in the wind a gentle word
a soft goodbye
when iced coffee tastes sweeter
even though it leaves a shiver down my spine
when the air is filled with the perfume of apple cider
and cedar smoke and roasting Hatch green chile
and something that can't be told or shown.
every year I watch that show about
two boys climbing Over a Garden Wall
and plunging into an ice cold river

Into the Bird-World

The two words
Pandemic and lockdown
Terribly lonely and upset
I have no one to talk
And I lose human languages
I begin
To go around and look for them
From steep-hill tracks of Kensington
To Holland Park
I fail
And I have nothing
I only hear from birds
Suddenly I feel
I could understand them a little bit
And I flying
Into the bird world

Exes, again

Your terrifying childhood,
with young decisions gone awry,
shelter was not always a home

With insecurity to spare,
the best you could do
I struggled to forgive
Sometimes we could see each other,
but mostly we could not

In between the absent days,
when you were here
but in some other place,
love may have been there
but I had to guess most of the time

and I was terrible at it


I only wish you had been to Niagara
romance never ends there ever,
I would love to have one each day
come what may winter spring or snow
Niagara always does sweet love grow

upon my life’s arc
there is a permanent glow
how I wish all of you
sooner than later to Niagara go
make the most beautiful
of all God's presentations of love
naturally within you flow


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