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Neopoet Weekly 06/16/24 to 06/22/24 Winner!

This week’s winner is Kristen H with the following poem


To Unlove You

Submitted by Kristen H.

I'm learning how
To unlove you

It hurts worse than loving you,
Knowing you don't love me back.

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Summer Image Prompt Challenge Winner!

The winning poem of the Summer Image Prompt Challenge is




Submitted by Mary Beth Magee

She bobbed there in the gentle swell,
The little boat I knew so well.
The sail wrapped tight along the boom
Gave me a feeling of dark doom.
I saw no anchor chain hung down
To stop her, lest she run aground.
No one sat in her empty bow.
No hand controlled her keel just now.
A gentle breeze set her to rock.
How did she get loose from the dock?
As the breeze caused her to turn,
I spotted paint along her stern.
Rough letters where my name had been -
The words now looked like "Mortal Sin."
What had he done in dark of night?
Was he convicted by dawn's light?
Then in the reeds beside the dock…
What I saw gave me quite a shock.
A body, face down, on the lake,
Could it be him, for heaven's sake?
Please, no, I prayed and backed away.
What pushed him so, I cannot say.
I didn't dream that he would dare.
I only know I lost him there.

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Neopoet Weekly 06/09/24 to 06/15/24 Winner!


This week’s winner is Lavender with the following poem


Winning Poem


Submitted by Lavender

A falling star settled on my rose,
a diamond dipped in velvet clothes.
I dared not touch the pure gift
sent from heaven, so swift,
but let it rest there
in such sweet air
and comply
to my


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Neopoet Weelky 06/02/24 to 06/08/24 Winner!


This week’s contest winner is hippiemoon with following poem:


By: hippiemoon

Years from now,
We will be dead and buried.
Your laugh nothing more than
A whisper in the wind,
A breeze carrying off dandelion wishes.

Our headstones will rest together,
Aging together, as we did in life.
Tears from our loved ones will mix with rain
And our memory will fade with the engravings.

And years from now,
We’re forgotten by everyone but the Earth.
They will dig our bodies up
And find our bones entwined in each other’s arms.


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Congratulations to Shelby Pryor for winning this week’s contest


Something New

Rain rushes from the skies
Mixing with a single tear
The wind cuts through
Like every doubt, every fear

Lightning shatters my peace
Like the pieces of my mind
A distant thunderclap mocks
Of the girl I was and left behind

A tornado rages in my head
Demolishing my peace and joy
I plaster on a smile for you,
But it's just a tactic I employ

The fear paralyzes my heart
Yet I'm so tired of being afraid
It is time to get up and fight
Before my resolve starts to fade

My fingers curl around my sword
I lift it high, I've got my armor on
I bring it down with all my strength
Until the shattered pieces are gone

There is no fixing the girl I was
No use in buying time with glue
The only solution is to shatter her
And forge with fire Something New


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The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.



I found a letter on the ground,
most precious note I ever found.

And when I read its lovely theme,
no other lovely thought could seem

to touch the world as this fine note
which finely penned what someone wrote

to his lost love, his one and only
soulmate, alone, lost and lonely.

Two lovers, separate and denied
a lovers' love, husband and bride

who claimed to pledge til death do part,
yet, no claim prospered, no pledge of heart

The River of No Return

The Salmon River winds and flows
Towards destinations yet unseen,
Through wilderness and canyons
Each wondrous mile more serene.

Through designated wilderness
Second largest in our sacred land,
Two million acres of rugged beauty
Displays the creator's gifted hand.

Petroglyphs adorn the rugged walls
Carved by native owners long ago,
Deer, elk and Big Horn sheep on high
Swift waters and salmon far below.

Love for my Grandchildren

In the shadows of their tears, I see despair
My heart aches as I witness their pain
Grandchildren, once full of laughter and light
Now burdened by the weight of the world

Their innocence shattered by harsh realities
They carry burdens too heavy for their young souls
My arms ache to hold them close
To shield them from the storms of life


I took off all my inner trappings
I laid out a different outfit
Stared at my naked self
Stared at my naked self
Stared at my naked self

I baked in shame.
I bathed in disgust.
And ,finally,
I basked in honesty.

I hanker and pine for wood burning stove weather

I haint no spring chicken,
("Buk buk buk buk ba-gawk!")
but in Summer re:
long in tooth sexagenarian
nostalgic for the following imagery
evoked yesterday with very little effort
(aside from sweat of my brow – just existing)
June twenty second hazy, hot, and humid
at least here within the environs -
of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
tooth thousand and twenty four,
the air analogous to a steam bath outside,
though such insight
strictly predicated on meteorologist
as seen on the flat screen.

Song of the heart

Sometimes when I'm lonely
I call out your name

And just the sound of your voice
brings a feeling unexplained

And it can't be described with words
or reasoned with the mind

Experience and careful search
can only find it out

When I'm angry and confused
I call out your name

For you're a friend that's always there
to hear my souls complaint

You ease my troubled mind
and bring peace to my soul

A gift that you so freely give
because you love me so

H8mongers Need Not Apply

Take your hate-filled rhetoric and hide under a rock with it.
We don't want you here
If you don't have a willingness to help build.
Take your emotional demolition derby elsewhere.
I will not drink the purple Kool-Aid
You offer so loudly.
I will not sip at your fountain of hate.
Until you can teach love,
You have no lesson to share.
Until you can share an uplifting message,
I will not hear your words.
True leaders do not destroy,
They construct good things for their followers.


Won't you tell me, sweet Sharon?
By the faintest of whispers if you must

Or roar with the ravaging fires of a Dragon
Say you see this longing in my eye at last

For if dew dripping lips could kill
And thick hips scorch a man with thrill

When to simply look is to simply perish
Every time I chance to steal a glance

I get this one blasphemous sense
I'm a corpse that was never more alive.

A Five percent battery-A Field Trip Road

A field trip road
take a mind to
a great adventure
on a hot summer visit
filter by the radiant sun
carrying through the day
singing along the way
with the anticipation
traveling to the desert state
to the Grand Canyon statues
in a slow-motion ride
with a sightseeing glimpse
of mesmerizing scenery
tall, strenuous mountains
deep climbing cliff steps
red built thick layer skins
with the display of height
showcase of own strength
of the strong image portray


My stomach turns
At the memory of loving you

I mistook the pain
For butterflies


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