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This week the Neopoem Of The Week is When the Maidens from the Kitchen of Hell Rebel by Maximus. Congratulations to Maximus on such a fine poem. To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

May 2023 Contest Winners!

Please help us congratulate Our May 2023 contest winners.

The monthly contest A Tribute To Mother
The Winner is Ruby Lord with the poem MAMMY
The May 2023 New Member Contest Winner!
The winner is Tigger Kaz with the poem titled I'm Sorry
The May 2023 Challenges Winners are

This week the Neopoem Of The Week is Dark Angel 5 by Alex Tanner. Congratulations to Alex Tanner on such a fine poem. To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

This week the Neopoem Of The Week is Sunsets by Kelly Ann Wilson . Congratulations to Kelly Ann Wilson on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.


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Oft times as I drive along
I top a middling hill
and spy where I think that I belong
Mountains tall and blue and still.

Less than an hour I could be there
Where narrow roads all wear switch backs.
Where I once roamed without a care
Where rivers churn from boulders' stacks.

Yes. I see them and they haunt me
with memories of a youth long passed
along with those who used to be.
I see now time passes far too fast.

Morning thoughts

By the light of the morning sun
And the peace of all that's begun
Calmness stirs up hope emotion
In absence of chaos commotion

No whirling thoughts around my mind
But stillness that's the comforting kind.
Even breaths escape in gentle swathes
Unaware of the joy it gratefully saves.

Birds sing tunefully up high in a tree
And in this moment it grounds me.
Sending warm waves of gladness
Pushing out any thoughts of sadness.

Dear God

Dear God,
My life's dwindling,
And my grace's losing mercies touch,
I'm frolicking in misery,
My pain sipping more fuel,
The fiery furnace stares at me,
And my stars turn a blind eye..

Dear God,
I've lived a life full of loopholes,
Dining with the opposite of hope,
My saviour begs me for a save,
And my helper has no help but me

Epitaph For Unca Fez

He was born.
He died.
Somewhere in between he did stuff
That will be forgotten in 100 years...
But he had a hell of a good time doing it!


She tried to write a final poem
before her bell had tolled,
but took too long composing,
now her hand has turned to mold.

This Poem

This poem is a locust cloud,
a sacrilegious sinner’s shroud
that pours its poison on the page
and rains with ruthless, righteous rage.

Though maybe it’s a cry for help,
coyote’s howl or puppy’s yelp.
Or it’s a case of: quite absurd,
to waste the worthy written word.

And poetry’s a poor excuse
for pent-up pain to be let loose.
A poet, out of shame or pride,
should, in his soul, let sorrows hide.

© - ¶ 6w² (an earnest ode to Hemingway) -

Corridors amidst in which encumbered went

Beholden hands to hangs of fate

Laboured pangs bereft of bearings morrow.

Her within the womb asunder rent

Still the heart by breath abate...

Shuddered Death in vain awaiting sorrow.

Geezer's Last Word... [Write your epitaph 6/23].

It's all the same with everyone
I was here, I lived and died
Some will feel, good he's gone
there's those that can't decide

I'll be cremated, not buried deep
underneath the grass
No place for you to piss upon
but you can kiss my ash!

Write a love poem without using the word love

For my accomplished accomplice

Smile stay
be with me always
my lady eternal flame
light of life
wonderful haunting aching crying
raging at imagined deceit
coming up for air with a smile
alive in your golden eyes

You touched a place
no one reached before
nights days
all your crazy ways
wise alive
carefree child
companion friend
don’t let this ever end

We’ve got so far to go
farther still when we get there
but I wouldn’t want to get there
with anyone but you


Here lies the body of Obadiah,
died for the want of
an un-punctured tyre.



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