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Neopoet Random Challenge #17 wants to challenge you to write poetry about this month's random topic that is provided below.

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is choose one or more of the following topics and write one or more poems based on your choice or choices. Please make sure your poem or poems are between 12 to 32 lines. Certificates will be given to those that use the topic as their title.

1) Happy Birthday America
2) Letter to my ex
3) Friends with benefits
4) I turned into a savage

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Summertime Blues July 2022 Contest!

Feeling down in this hot month or simply mellow, a zero time month or is there no time for the blues to catch you.? Tell the world what Summertime Blues means to you.

Write what Summertime Blues means to you in six stanzas of four lines each stanza.

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Neopoet Random challenge # 16 Winner!

Jack Web (Onyinyechi Cosmos Etu) has won the June Neopoet Random Challenge #16.
Congratulations to Jack Web (Onyinyechi Cosmos Etu) on a job well done!
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June 2022 Monthly Contest Winner.

The June 2022 Monthly Contest was won by Raven4life with the poem The Power of Both Sides. Congratulations to Raven on a job well done!

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Vacationing at 20th Streest

Riddled with guilt at overcomplicating the obvious.
A hot meal and roof over your head is more than you need.
When the rain comes down, I always hear your name.
And when the thunder breaks the clouds, I always feel the same.
Tell me why this is happening again.
Although I still question the teacher who tried to teach me,
And I’m still quite unsure if it was him, or just me.
My mind ran away from itself for a time
making me someone I shouldn’t have been.
The split other side of me, had taken control.

An Abuse World

I saw the child his eyes was cold staringly mad!
Dwindling his fingers pursing his lips;
Gazing into nothingness;
Education is void;
Memories of the ordeal keep racing in his mind;
Every feeling seem so real always.

Daddy choking Mummy on the bed!
Mummy gasping for breath!
Slaps! Cuffs! Kicks!
Echoes to the walls;
Vibrations ripples across the floor;
Wishing the earth consume him.

A firm fist

The firm fist of
at your door .

It’s heart
of rage
boldly bleeding
out into a
uproar .

Your soul
slowly sinks
Into silence
as the world
Reverts back
Towards violence .


Why do I still wander
in the expanse of time
I live in a vast wilderness
as a real bard would say

since one's ashes
they immerse in the ocean
of infinite eternal time
without a murmur or chime

life took him a long
very long way
he left me in a serious loss
swimming in the shallows

who knows what's next
why live longer than long
why not let life ebb away
why I must still continue to stay

Petals to the Patriarch?

Why don’t we gift men with flowers?
The question puzzles me
Perhaps the delicate petals do
Affront their sexuality

A few could certainly paint them
Rembrandt and Van Gogh
He really liked his sunflowers
But I’m in love with Picasso

Although, we give them singles
For weddings or maybe prom
Carnation or rose adorned lapel
Pinned with pride by someone’s mom

I’m talking about big bouquets
Bunches, a dozen or two
Purest white lily, iris violet,
Billowing clustered hydrangeas of blue


Saturate this sacred ground.
Tears fall here, all around.
Ask yourself, you don’t know why.
It’s always painful, not to cry.

And the reasons, I can’t explain.
It’s in the seasons and their change.
I hope someday you’ll come down.
But even then, I won’t be around.

Don’t expect your own cataclysm.
Dress them up like they listen.
I don’t want what you’ve got anymore.
I don’t need what you want.

Confusion and Chaos

Confusion and Chaos

A child is hurt oh hear the cries!
An empty world;
With no hope unfold;
But lashes and bruises!
Circles of the wound, which opens so wide
Should I had die, die, die!

A child is hurt oh hear my cries!
Hunger pangs in the middle of the belly;
Throat runs dry, it’s hard to swallow;
What was led to starvation?
As part of the hatred towards a child
Should I had die, die, die.

As Love Is

As love is love once was beautiful and pure like the purest of springs in the valley untouched by man. As love is love once was pure of passion, desire and fire hotter than the most active volcano deep within the earth. As love is love once was trusting as a newborn babe being held for the first time in her mother‘s arms. As love is love once was as enduring as a simple forehead kiss and to be held tight without other intentions.

Leering lenses

Strolling through
life without
any meaning
or care.
Never fully
of those
pleasant people
who silently
stop and stare.
Smearing their
sneering smiles
throughout every
private affair.


Sightless Homer mourns he cannot see Calypso’s dark eyes, which sparkle like starlight reflected on the midnight sea. He can only imagine her swells and troughs, draped in a gown that flows like the Milky Way.

Seven times Homer begs Calypso, to let his hands see what his eyes cannot; seven times she tells him no. Each refusal stings like maddened bees.


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