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Mother's Day Image Prompt Contest Winner!

This winning poem of the Mother’s Day image prompt contest is

Mum... You and I by Rula

Let us congratulate Rula on another contest win.

This week the Neopoem is

 Loving You by  hippiemoon

Let us congratulate hippiemoon on another contest win.

Neopoet Weekly 05/12/24 to 05/18/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is


Mosquitos Suck!
  By William Lynn


Congratulations to William Lynn for racking up another contest win!

Neopoet Weekly 05/05/24 to 05/11/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Ways of loving by  Terumi Sakurai

Let us congratulate Terumi Sakurai on their first win as a neopoet member.

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What Is It?

What is it?
When your heart skips a beat,
What is it?
Is it someone that you meet?
What is it?
With a flutter in your heart,
What is it?
That you never want to part?
What is it?
From the time you say "Hello."
What is it?
You know! That you'll never let go!

Locked in the basement

Dark and isolated stay
like living in hell
where the secret is kept
with the whispering talk
at a deadly ghost place
with silent hearing echoes
facing with the relentless fear
as the heart pounding rapidly
by a terrifying despair
an eerie cold shivering in a chill
sending down to the spine
from the haunted spirit appearance
screaming out loud carelessly
“Get out of my place” or You will be dead!”
horror racing through the mind
with tears of frightening sigh
to look for a way to escape

At The Theatre

When I saw you across the aisle,
I was instantly transfixed by your wonderous beauty;
Your radiant smile, your luminous skin, your flaxen hair…
Then you looked at me… and I thought I knew.
When we locked eyes at the theatre for the very first time;
Through the crowds, through the clamor, amongst a thousand people or more,
It seemed to me that only you were there in silence… and I thought I knew.
With clumsy feet like a Loon I made my way to you, through the throng -

When did love change?

I thought she believed in fairy tales
Poems and lullabies and soulmates
Nights under star gaze and twin flames
I thought she always felt the same

That one lesson I will always take
Love is no longer the same
Love has changed
She now has a name

Bring back the dear soul that I crave,
Her without a name

Because years before we grew and aged
A page full of words was all we gave
And the memories that we made
Oh, when did love change?

Rewrite - "Shapes"...


Punching away shadows, dark, floppy shapes.
Back where they came from, the dirty street.
Lights smothering the black, inky abyss, the pockets.

Above the silken, ebon blanket,
a silver, sinister grin from the ghostly moon,
changing shape, from horns to mirrored glow.

The old fart (alter cocker) shuffle

as one fairly long run on sentence
unwittingly made locally famous
courtesy residents here at
Highland Manor Apartments
as first one foot and then the other
painstakingly, and agonizingly dragged
across the cement walkway
making absolutely sure
the entire foot touches the ground,
(analogous to geriatric

Bar room fight!

I had a friend, Neanderthal
he stood about six foot high
I met him at the do-drop inn
on a sultry Saturday night
his mind was sharp, his hands were fast
intelligence in his eyes
his art was hapkido
a black belt by his side
the evening hot and sultry
his bullet-bike just outside
a cowboy to be reckoned with
stepped up with him to vie
the night was hot, the din increased
within the little dive
when in a flash he grabbed my friend
a full nelson he applied
against the bar room wall

Ode to a service hero-

He reigns the world of supreme
that rule the heart of a fragile place
like a guardian angel that protect
one from harm
To bring abundant joy to the
fill the sadness
guiding through with wisdom
of virtue and integrity advice
with an unselfishness display
brighten up the spirit of light
his embrace brings comfort
of a musical symphony play
sharing with kindness words
fostering with tender care
to paint smile on the face
healing the anguish of pain
He leads with ambition

Glory Days

It rises 140 feet above ground,
jutting upward like an awkward mushroom
painted white, its tank boasting our little
town's proud name - Greenfield.

And there really are green fields here, too.
Corn and soybeans, mostly,
rotated to help preserve the soil.

Corn depletes, soybeans replenish.

The water tower stands high on its hill
like a watchman, guarding the crops, buildings, and houses,
policing the streets leading in and out of town.

Loving You

Loving you is as beautiful as a sunset.
Running through empty art museums,
Laughing when we are out of breath.
It feels as infinite as the stars in the sky,
As certain as the sun rising another day.

Loving you is a lifeboat in a storm,
My most favorite pair of shoes,
A good book on a rainy day.

Let’s pick petals off of flowers to verify our love.
Dance in parking lots in the light of your car,
Kiss me in the rain just like in the movies.


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