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This vast and fragile heart
Which has broken so many times
Never ceases to carry the mind
Despite the missing pieces lost
During the shattering and
Every subsequent reconstruction

the sun

people are so fickle and changeable emotional
the only things you can depend on are the sun rocks
ocean and mountains religion also a stabilizer
your wife the time math which goes forever and gravity
laws of physics

Of Passion when young

what is passion

at times passion is felt more
within than without
the physical passion you talk of
no doubt is momentary
but a passion of remembrance
is long term memory
love both
you as well as me
of a passion we speak
simple poetry

passion indeed
our love
for this breed


There was a song some time ago
“Exquisitely Bored in California” >>
now running thru my head.

Closing my eyes there is a image hodge-podge
these of the dear women I have known in my life
it is crowded with the vivaciousness

it is a well, a welcoming tunnel of visions
dismounting my landspeeder, I can branch off
into any particular image and become immersed with that woman there.

My Trip Down Memory Lane

A visit down memory lane,
brings so many things to mind.
My first memory was swimming at my aunt's pond in New Hampshire.
I stepped on the leaves in the water.
I picked up my legs, they had leeches all over them.
The next thing I recall
My mother and sisters went to Ste. Anne De Beaupre Cathedral in Canada.
There I was fascinated by the statues.
There was one I particularly liked.
I don't even remember the name
I was sure it was a saint.
It had a sign on it saying no photographs.

Two Hearts Meet

Words were breathed over the unhatched egg
The destined rider was chosen
To bear the heart of a dragon
Their jewel-like hearts of hearts
Fearlessness, tenacity and valour
The rider exuberates!

She rode along the Dragon’s back
And share the heart of the dragon
She carried the hearts of fire
And held on to the breathing earth
She became invincible
With bold courage and a brave heart
She fought her battles adventurously!


Expectation versus myself
The ultimate showdown
The finger guns blazing, the desert dust storm with blinking eyes hissing a vipers warning
I see a red dot blinking on my forehead
The reckoning remains the ending of the bible and I find myself seeing god in the shadows
He stalks me in my dark hour of need and I find the devil more enticing with every assumption I make
Calculation, presumption, prediction,
The freshest imported goods for the finest meal of anxiety I’ve ever tasted,


some or most of my life ihave felt out of place like as a child in a department store with my mother i mistook manikens for people people for mankens
once in junior high health class i wsnt concentrating but drawing octure of future cars the teacher found out and showed it to the class eho laughed

Day & Night

You write your words
In the silence of the night
Laid bare on 104 keys
You think your thoughts
In the dead of the day

You darling girl
With no audience
You dance in the dark
Your eyes are blind
Is this imposter syndrome
I can’t see
You think to yourself

Once you take the leap
Into a vat of judgment
You put your soul in anothers hands
And once you do
You’ll be glad
Even if a little sad at first


There's a time to live and conquer,
and there's a time to live and fail,
life is true but a stage we all come,
the life itself isn't a bed of roses.

There are thorns lie before us ahead,
yet, we walk through them unhurt.
the ability and the energy to survive,
lie in our labor of work and prayers.

We must all endeavor to succeed,
folding hands makes one unuseful,
we must be obidient to our selves,
and adapt to any situation at hand.


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