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As the year’s end clicks toward twelve
Everyone is hoping for something new
If only it could somehow be reversed
The whole year is already rehearsed
Pleasing many, disappointing the few
So into laws of physics one can delve

To run once more, so all can try again
To get it right this time, avoid mistakes
A perfect performance, if one is able
But no such kind offer is on the table
So just move along, for all our sakes
And knowing regret is a kind of pain


The waves were turquoise and a froth sea white
The feathered beaks knew its raging hostility
startling and squawking into the dusk night

Obeying the mistress. The slamming into
The barnicle seaweed rocks.! Was enough
to not look back to salvage their lives

Their crys trailing. The odour was salty,
pungent, It filled the salted sky the clumpy
Seaweed clinging for their lives

What Gets Me Through

What Gets Me Through

You, my irreverent Steven
get me through the day,
preparing me for the night
It has always been your way.

Sometimes the sunlit hours
take their toll on me.
The ugliness of news stories
get me down, make me want to flee.

That's where you come in,
you rescue me with a smile.
Your kindness runs deep,
I stop, basking for awhile.

When each new day starts
I open my eyes to see your face,
feel your loving heart near me.
In your love I find a higher grace!

The fall

Sunlight sparkling on wet leaves and mud
in the chill ache of a December day,
cycling hard to catch you up
I slipped and fell.

My elbow smacked the ground. I heard its bang
but on rising realised only damp
caked on soil and gravel covered
my smarting side.

There was no break, just grazes, dirt and deep
shame that balance had deserted me
along the way.


I found myself a pen pal; he writes back once a week,
And we reveal our inner thoughts; his love, is so unique.
A lonely sort of fellow, but our future has been planned.
In his words, the tale unfolds, to make me understand.

He sent me a message and gave me the code to press,
When we connect, he speaks of love, and ends with a sweet caress.
The boyfriend before Ted, was jealous and controlling.
When I left him forever, the next would be consoling.


Swift moving clouds meet the rain
Now the frost is in the making
Out comes the flakes we love
With designs that are so varied
Snow fall to the ground in abundance
To paint the earth pure white
Ordering the wind to blow harder
Rain finds the frost and mates
Making wind and snow form a storm


No one waits for you
Out in that cold night
Where blindness reigns.
Tomorrow we can wake together
On a bed of elation,
Recounting this white night's

Some Sweet Saviour

In my fragile youth he found me shaking,
like a loveless lily growing wild.
He touched my hollow heart, already breaking,
and nurtured me, his naked, nameless child.

To my eyes he blazed like vision blinding;
beautiful in feature, form and face;
fellowship with him and friendship finding;
I grew up on godliness and grace.

Till those clouds of glory I’d been trailing
died, one day, as Queen Aurora rose.
The youth in me, turned man, whose faith was failing
felt no more, my feelings all had froze.

Second Thoughts About Cremation

I wish there was a physical place to visit.
A place I know I could always find you
to let you know how we are doing.
And maybe to keep you from being lonely
down there among the departed.

Though in this place I’d be climbing
a precarious cliff, trying to get up and over the top
to the other side of without and disquiet.
Once there, I know you’d ask me to stay.


Look not forward.
Look not backward.
Focus on today.

Forward, ever-shrinking,
Will erode your will.
Focus on today.

Backward, stretching into haze,
Can lead one to regret.
Focus on today.

Today, here only control exists,
To share a life with those you love.
Focus on today.


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