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Neopoet Weekly 02/18/24 to 02/24/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Trials and Triumphs by Shelby Pryor

Congratulations to Shelby Pryor on such a fine poem.

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Neopoet Weekly 02/11/24 to 02/17/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

The Purge by RoseBlack

Congratulations to RoseBlack on such a fine poem.

Neopoet Weekly 02/04/24 to 02/10/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Lovergirl by hippiemoon

Congratulations to hippiemoon on such a fine poem.


Voyager Image Prompt Contest Winner!

RoseBlack has won this contest

With the poem  A Ghostly Voyage

Congratulations to RoseBlack

The stream (all workshops)

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Ship of fools!

Set sail for the falls
as lemmings to the sea.
With a broken resolution
we pretend that we can't see!
Taken on a ride
by a governors decree.
Blindly we await
an untimely destiny.
If we won't raise our voices
and declare our unity.
We'll find our own upending
on a cold steel salty breeze.


"Where are we going?" his young daughter asked.

"To cheer up some of my friends," he replied.

"They seem to be a lot of work for you," she offered with concern.

"Yes," he said, “You’re right. The very best kind of work."

Warning- I'm Done

Don't cry to me,
when she breaks your heart.
Don't cry to me,
you were told from the start.

Your self-serving prophecy,
for a down payment,
a disgusting choice,
"what she can do for me!"

You can't call something trash,
pull it from the can,
and by some miraculous flash,
expect it to act any other way.

Don't call me,
when it's over.
I could care less.
Don't call me, ever.

We both know your nothing but a lie.

Leap Year

Today I took a leap --

I jumped over the fence
It really made no sense

I vaulted over fire
(I wish I'd vaulted higher!)

I sprang into the pond
I failed to spring beyond

I bound across the field
Broke up the farmer's yield

I skipped over a crack
Of course, I threw my back

I hopped into my bed
To ease my dizzy head

No more leaping for me, I fear
Even if it is a leaping year


I don’t think you can fully get away from me.
When you’re with her, you’ll feel the ghost of my love.
You’ll open your eyes after kissing her and you’ll think it’s me.

I’ll haunt you everywhere you go.
Every road you drive, every street you walk,
Every goddamn second of your life I’ll be there.

I’ll be waiting, watching, lurking.

I think you killed me.
My soul is not tethered to my body,
My emotions switch on and off at an instant.

My ghost holds all of our secrets now,
So I don’t have to.

My First Bicycle Ride

My first bicycle ride
it takes me back to
my childhood memory
a precious gift for my birthday
instill me with a curiosity
like a baby’s step
learn how to walk
with the count of 1-2-3
despite the many falls
I beam with a smile
carry with a determination
of mindset
keep on going
like the energetic bunny
it did not daunt me
until I get it right
with the persistent
of practice
I never give up
to find fear as the excuse
learn from my flaw
to make it better

Free will!

It's an extistential right to have a choice
better to have stentorian voice
to get your views across
and nail it to the cross
some sort of manifesto
to gain your due respect you know
rebuke all your assailants
and vocalize complaints
for many come and many go
beware the ones who lay you low
then stand again uncompromized
your place in life epitomized
when people round don't seem to care
you'll lift your voice
with those who dare
develop lofty paradigmns

Sassy sobriquets schooled sissy spindleshanks...

studious skinny scruffy scribe

My utmost humblest apology
for inducing the following
cerebral calisthenics upon your cranium,
but the cost of friendship
with yours truly
(me – a foo fighting,
eagle eyed, beatle browed, beastie boy
christened Matthew Scott Harris)
doth newt come
like some hootie and the blowfish
super tramping
cheap trick linkedin to
wings at the reo speed wagon
spinning zz top soundcloud.

Treasure Hunt

Sometimes I think poetry is
the time you first learned to skip
a rock across a glassy lake.
It touched the water five, maybe six times
before sinking below the surface.

You looked forever for the perfect one
to toss. Even though forever is where
the stone came from and returned to.

I don’t know for certain
all the places poetry can be found,
but if it lets me come back to these things
I’ll willingly continue the beautiful search.

Talk Talk

You are a huge O mouth
Open and yawning like a sink hole
Yelling absurd answers to simple questions
Your breath a cloud of steam
That freezes in the night air
To those who talk but never think
An exhausting O mouth eating oxygen
Eating and eating
Emitting opinions

The tongue in perpetual motion
The jawbone still chattering
Your mouth can run marathons
Silenced into a stupor
I sit here and say nothing
Pretending to listen


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