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Neopoet Random Challenge # 17 Winner

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Neopoet Random Challenge # 18 wants to challenge you to write poetry about this month's random topic that is provided below.

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is choose one or more of the following topics and write one or more poems based on your choice or choices. Please make sure your poem or poems are between 12 to 32 lines. Certificates will be given to those that use the topic as their title.

1) Waiting room
2) At The Bar
3) I'm Back
4) Hidden Room

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Summertime Blues Contest Winner!

Abby has won this month's poetry contest with the poem Summertime Blues.
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Description: Write a poem about What life means to you. Poems must be free verse or structured and thirty two lines or less.

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My Natural Blonde Tyrannosaurus Rex...

I wish to be back in the day
We slept together on a pile of hay
Milky white skin she could send a hex
Make me a drunken toy for sex

We ran with bow and arrow
Sometimes only to have sparrow
But that damn Rex was always on our heels
Enough meat for hundreds of meals

Recurrent dreams of fanciful youth
Forty-foot reptile steps on my roof
Precipitates a frightening flourish of screams
That permeate nightly, into my dreams

There's no reason why

There's no reason why Julie came into my life. My sadness throughout my body. Was like a cancer that consomme ever wish and desire . I had a love that I thought we would bend the tracks of time. Unfortunately forever would be the saddness the day Brenda died. So one day Julie came into my life .l was hopeless without logic no reason to try. But hope gave me a reason when I looked deep into her eyes

Nostalgia of the Old Soul

In my constant search for connection
Some promise of spiritual fulfillment
Some homecoming grandiose
That can not possibly exist
I break my own heart millions of times
Whilst tripping over familiar quagmires
Subtle bumps or wide ravines
Dissonant vibrations like roadblocks
Both internal and without
My heart is mended by care and glue
It is placed back inside myself
Where it beats it’s mantra
A song no wounded mind can drown

Doing The Work

Sometimes the way is not clear,
but today I’ll try to get my bearings
for the things that are important

We’ll sit down in the morning,
over coffee, to see what we can see
and settle the debts we owe

waiting room

hurried thoughts invade my mind
awaiting my turn at Intensive Care
frenetic thoughts, void of all humanness,
clearly unaware of the void inside of me

the face that exits through the thick glass door
speaks a thousand words to my injured being
suddenly i feel a deep empathy for the grieving man
my own grief reserved at that moment of clarity

the embraces from family and friends
seem to deepen the hurt he has to endure
as the tears leap from his sodden heart,
falling on his breast and the oblivious floor


We are concerned with
measuring our lives
in tens of years

now the astrophysicists
are measuring our universe
in billions of lightyears

we see our short lives
thru lenses of earthly dictates
and as if our vision, this

is the magnificent
way it is
and as if there was no other.

How do you get your head around
a billion light years
or 13.7 of them or even more

Handsome flower

I guess what I fail to understand
Is how you could claim to love me
And yet I am destroyed by your hand

I remember a time
When there was no sweeter sound
Than your voice
Filled with admiration and praise for me
And now we are ghosts passing each other
In the hallways of the home I bought for us
Once thought too small for the family I envisioned with you
Now far too large
My sobs echo
While your lack of affection
Deafens me


Night sweats are the worst
Wet dreams and soaked sheets
Water lost in darkness
it's so hot mosquitos dying
Flies circle around our mouths
Looking for moisture

By day the oasis was a lie
A fake desert with plastic trees
This heat evaporated the seas
Hot air, stultifying breath

Rubber roads melted by the mirage
Car tyres blow and burn
Red fire engines on fire
Sit and pray for rain, hosepipes failed
Steel warped by heat, train tracks derailed

Everywhere But Home

I drove down memory lane today.

The first house:
The house I lived in as a child.

The smell of the surrounding
woods were earthy and familiar.
It has a distinct smell,
like the years I spent outside
hiding from my life.
It smelled like a place I once lived.
The house, however, was unfamiliar.

The next house:
Chandler's house.

I remembered exactly how to get there.
Every turn,
every pothole to avoid.
They were patched
and the asphalt was old.

Rescue Boat

Most of today I felt unwell
A sadness was upon me
Whence it came I could not tell
Effect was tidal like the sea
That crumbles cliffs occasionally

The touch, the warmth of muse
From my grasp was stripped
Dejected, wondered “what’s the use?”
Over this dark doubt I tripped
Quiet from my soul was ripped

I went to see some friends
Or read some things they wrote
‘Twas then I felt the ebbing end
A castaway in his emote
Now aboard his rescue boat


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