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This week the Neopoem is Symphony in the Stars by Seren. Congratulations to Seren on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem Group for selecting the weekly winner.

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This week the Neopoem is Recurrence by Kristen H . Congratulations to Kristen H on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

Thank you to the Neopoem Group for selecting the weekly winner.

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silence sails
on poet's bed
a traveling mind
with ethereal beauty
set for poetic adventures

©® Onyinyechi Cosmos Etu

Do I Know You?

I don't know you. When the switch gets hit. Is it a switch? Like most characterizations about and around you it probably falls far short. Of doing its basic job. Describing what, for you, may not even be a thing. Falling short is something you have to find boring by now. All these people throughout you. Falling short. I imagine for many of them you would have preferred falling like that was all they had done. Only being let down is getting off easy sometimes isn’t it? I know about that. I’m not here to reanimate the dead. These dead sometimes seem to have more life than we do.


Like the ocean tide travel wave
It is written on the distinction of her face
drowning in the emotional weight
passing up and down along the pace
fighting through the heavy thunderstorm way
In a tireless effort display
With much courage and praise
In an unwaveringly stay
Of a mother’s instinct pray
To protect her child as always
with her unselfishness portray
to provide a better way
in seeking her child’s needs
Even mean putting herself at last

Hello Dreamers

I'm a pragmatic being

Dreams are subconscious fantasies
brain has synaptic maps
of all occurrences
they surface oddly....

Attach no importance to dreams...
why must we uselessly scream

It's just a simple thoughtless
boundless fancy
and a loss of any recollection...
you call it

Just skip over the dream
by next morning
unless you day dream

Breathing Wildfires

the velvet knife
of your tongue
cut my skin

into a thousand
streamers of want
I feathered against
the unknown

a breath in the grasp
of insanity

I pooled
as ribbons on
the ground,
I was tossed to roll
aimless to reality

fire licked breasts
as thighs brushed static
into the palms of your
hands …

at first touch
is the flashback,

I burn up, a white flame


Arise to clarity this morning.
Long removed from throbbing dawns.
Queasy breakfasts dripping with exhaustion.
Daily obligations to the liquor store.
Free from the stale remnants collecting on the countertop.
Aligned with loving purpose.
Trying every day.

A Noble Truth

I suffered from that sylvan smile
she wore that day upon the stile,
within the forest’s golden glade
where we had sat to share the shade.

That day of first love’s tender kiss,
when I was blessed, but burnt by bliss,
I suffered - was her sweet caress,
and shape, so stunning in that dress!

I knew this ghostly girl would grieve
this boy. One day she'd up and leave,
to wander like the wayward wind.
As star-cross'd lovers we were twinned!

Push Me

Help me God for I have fallen from the Lord's grace, he doesn't even remember my name.
These voices in my head have taken advantage once again, causing anxiety and depression to make a home inside my head.
Please forgive me Lord for I have sinned once again. I'm ungodly and need to be cleansed from this darkness within.

Picture To Hold

I have her picture to
hold since I can't
hold her tight.

I look at her picture
in my hand and I
try to believe
everything is

My heart is filled
with sorrow,
the pain I can not

It makes me want
to tear it out and
throw it every where.

Inside in my head I'm
losing it every single
day, I wish I could
just end it all for the
pain to go away.


Skin like snow
Amber eyes of fire
Vermillion velvet lips
Gnarled by opalescent fangs

Ivory talons
That snatch in the night
Drinking blood from her victims
A gorey sight

Howling at the moon
She cried out in vain
A mix of confusion and purpose
Hybrid is her name


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