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We need your support to remain strong and independent. We encourage you to support Neopoet by taking on a premium membership. You'll be helping out an organization you love -- and you'll gain custom tools to make the most out of your experience. Take a look below at the benefits of a premium membership.

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Neopoet AI
Get an unbiased, detailed critique almost instantly
Some feedback Extremely detailed
Track how much visibility your work is getting
View a near real time counter of how many reads your work is getting - beta feature
Profile themes (preview)
Customize your profile and show your personality with profile themes.

Bookmarks are an easy way to keep track of work you'd like to return to.


Activity bar (preview)
Track your friend's poetry and blogs using a convenient activity bar.

See who added your work to their favorites list.

Include as much work as you want
Premium members can post as much as they want to their "bookshelf", a protected space that isn't included in the stream or any of the workshops, so you can submit as often as you like. You'll be able to post all the work you've ever authored, if that's what you want.

Promote your published works (preview)
All you need an ISBN - we'll display an attractive gallery of your work in two places: to the side of every poem you post, and in your profile page, so guests and fellow members can buy your work from Amazon in two clicks

Custom homepage (preview)
Customize your homepage exactly the way you want. Add tools customized for you that let you track your friend's work, see at a glance the latest updates on your workshops, and more.
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Enjoy a faster, less cluttered experience

Track the latest updates
Access a special panel that shows you the latest updates on your work and on the work you commented on.

Host chat events
Our chatroom has hundreds of regular participants. Host your own chat event on the subject of your choice (subject to oversight by the chat volunteer team).
Recognition for your support
Premium members get a special badge that shows their support (coming soon). You will also be recognized for your generosity on the "Supporter's Wall".
Co-author tools
Co-write a poem with a fellow member (Both members must have a premium accont)
First look at new features
We give premium members an early look at new features.
Keep up on the latest work from everyone you follow with easy-to-use and sophisticated tools (preview)   “supported”
Follow your favorite members “supported” “supported”
Join workshops on every possible subject, or host your own  “supported”  “supported”
Post poetry and swap critiques  “supported”  “supported”
Access the forum  “supported”  “supported”
Send and receive private messages  “supported”  “supported”
Post unlimited entries on your blog  “supported”  “supported”
Keep up to date with your fellow poets with one of the most active poetry chatrooms on the web  “supported”  “supported”
It's your work -- so we make it easy to back up your posted poetry to a single file “supported” “supported”
Tell the world about yourself on your profile “supported” “supported”
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