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In darkened room somnolent she lies
while high above the horned moon
cast dim shadows cross the night.

So now she sleeps.
how soft she breaths,
no movement yet, she could be dead.

But winter closes, snows thaw then flow.
Earth warms, she moves,
her time has come.

Languid, stretches limbs.
she sighs, she smiles;
another year.

She stands a tip toe a ballerina fair,
looks on her world,
bestows new life.


Her laugh is soft, it flutters
As butterfly wings in spring.
Her dark eyes wide, they sparkle
As the purest diamond ring.

She is the sweetest angel
That any man could know;
Yet deep within her ageless soul
Dark vices wrought men woe.

She loves to woo and taunt them,
To lead them on with guile,
To bring them pain and misery
Bestowed with lasvicious smile.

Her pleasure is to lure them
Bind them helpless then,
As victim snared in spider's web
Inflict pleasure close to pain.

Spider Web

Dew drops glisten upon
silver threads carefully intertwined.
Piece by piece, built and rebuilt,
the spider reflects on her work.

What was once a dusty door frame,
has become a work of art.
Through her tears and fears,
something beautiful arose.

Her triumph and escape,
from Hell's all encompassing gate,
finding herself within the mess,
landing safely in her new found web of life.

Seasonal Memories...

And the day drizzled into a storm,
one that rolled gently over the valley
Enveloping the streets below "The Hill"
making heavy breaths, moving slow.

Water, water everywhere...
More than enough to choke me,
too little to float a boat, swim in
or cleanse the soul of the city.

The river runs ice-free this year
no break-up and flooding,
"Canal walk" striding past
Blue Crocus and Pussy-willows

Miles of Blues...

He sings of phones and traveling,
a voice of loneliness and blues.
He sings and wishes desperately,
that he could be with you.

Those bars and stages all lit up,
still don't let you see,
the words he sings, in baritone,
he didn't get them free.

He's paid for each and every line,
with an aching, torn up heart.
He thought he wanted freedom,
he let his marriage fall apart.

Somewhere deep in Texas,
he let her get away.
She left without a word,
there was nothing more to say.

To Janice With Love...

As her voice rose to the stars
and filled my waiting ears
raw emotion took me places
I hadn't been in years

Back to days of happy times
when my heart was whole
unhurt by shattered dreams
built with another soul

I cried for all the times
I left her all alone
waiting through the night
beside a silent phone

The blue roughness of her voice
spoke of promises unkept
and as she sang of love
I hung my head and wept

Early Springtime


I recall your smile, front of forsythia, full bloom.

Photographs on  a sunshine day, McPherson Park.

Walking walkways, finding recollections, blossoming times.

You make me young, again, like forsythia blossoms.

A gentle breeze moves your hair strings, red, veiled.

I’m blown away, cross fragrances, early springtime,

Our lives fine, now sublime.


My Pal Jet.

I named him Jet.
My favourite pet,
The only pet I ever owned,
Dad found him wandering in a field,
Picked him up and brought him home;
We were friend and playmates for
Oh! I don't know how long
Till the day he decided to leave;
One morning he was there, by evening, gone,
No clue as to where he may be;
I hunted for days, in hedgerows and fields
but I never saw him again;
I hope he was happy, maybe found a mate
To sire more of the tortoise strain.


Aviana, a ray of sunshine
with precious eyes of blue
A beautiful little baby,
fresh as morning dew

She lit the room with her smile
she served joy to every bowl
Her family saw the stars in her
this little beautiful soul...

Daddy was the king of her castle
he made her world so bright
He made sure that he was home
to tuck her in each night

Her brothers' eyes upon her
not playing at protection
they loved to help her play
showered her with affection

Mother Nature To Her Children.

For eons I've protected you
nurtured, fed, given all;
My undivided loyalty was yours,
how have you repaid?.

Once, long ago I had your respect
you took what you needed, no more,
no less.
You thanked me and praised me.

But now, and I know not why,
through stupidity, avarice or both
you have taken advantage.
For affluence, prestige, luxury,

You have ravaged and raped me.
Your mother;
no respect,
no thought.


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