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Twisted Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas,
Papa Noir's firing up the hearse.
The back's filled with a coffin shaped sack.
A happy Holiday curse!

The skeletons dangled
from the closet with cheer.
In hopes their final ride
would soon be near.

The halls are decked
with fingers and toes.
Even the demons stopped by
to kiss the Mistlehoe!

Cookies laced with arsenic
followed by a vodka chaser.
The party's just begun.
His festive bag encased her!


Sweep the first few flakes away
No matter, soon much more
Oh no, here it comes
We will win this battle today
Shovels ready, and salted sidewalks
Tea and coffee breaks
Overtime will be allowed
Repeat those old mistakes
Mash the gas to beat the crowd

Mr. Window...

Steaming hot oatmeal
A cup of coffee light
to chase away the cobwebs
gathered in the night

T.V. news and weather girls
Local headlines here
Ads for cleaning products
Some for artificial tears

Gameshows, full of people
looking to make a buck
Sneering fashionistas
getting by with ....s

Who are all these people?
Do they live next door?
I've seen them out my window
Are they bringing us their war?

3 AM

Three o'clock;
Cobwebs dangle from exhausted eye lashes.
Sleep eludes me like an outgrown friend,
while memories of you come in flashes.

Loneliness covers me like a quilt,
yet offers no comfort; my emotions it steals
just a breeding ground for open wounds
that time can never heal.

Drinking from my tears,
the taste of sand in my mouth
has been eradicated by their truth,
pushing my mind further South.

Killer Decisions...

The eyes are what disturbs him
as he looks into the glass
The mirror showing his decay
his youth is gone at last

"Why do I do as I will do?
I could quit and go to ground
I've made the world a safer place
there's fewer perverts 'round"

Hello my brother, I am here

"Bah, you would show up just now"

Come on Killer, don't be like that
I heard you take your bow

Of November

It is like one last sigh -

a warm breath before
the chill of winter,

trees singing before they rest,
the earthy fragrance of golden fields,

our hands still naked with no gloves,
the gentle swish of raking leaves,

voices ebbing as the days grow darker
before life falls into a still slumber

as December spreads herself over
the earth, like a maternal blanket.

By the blood moon's light
Over the window sill
He crept; a shadow of darkness
Master of chaos and fright

Molten-esque breath against my neck
Shivers plummeting down my spine
Glowing eyes that hypnotize
Behind honey-glazed vocals saying I'll be fine

Sliding his hand behind my head
Twisting strands of hair around crooked finger tips
Quivering with anticipation, I fell into a trance
His other hand pulling me into his hips

I would go back

To the day,
I saw you,
For the first time.

I would go back.
And,make sure,
I looked in another direction.

I fantasize,
Maybe, that day,
I was stuck,
In traffic.

I took a different way to work.

Now,my Love,for you
Is etched on my soul
My body
....yeah,those times,you beat me,
Still ache.


When you kick me.
When you punch me.
Are you actually trying,to fix me?

Dragon Scent...

Dreams of dragons in the cliffs
caves of stone to cool their hearts
Burnished scales of copper hue
reflect light of morning's start

The smell of leather trappings
raw and bloody breakfast meat
Cries of wake up my lords and ladies
feel their warm and generous heat

Smell the musty scent of oils
feel the saddle leather
Listen for the "Riders up"
whatever is the weather

From Lucifer...With Lust

Under the guise of loving eyes, he came.
Softening me with smiles that flattered
Honey stained lips that chattered
Of new and brighter days

Take my hand, he said with a grin
Enjoy life's twists and spins
There is nothing more to fear
For I'll always be near

Even when you want to run
And life with me has lost its fun
When the mask has fallen,
In the end, it's my name you're callin'


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