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Time bracketed between

December first nineteen fifty nine and
December first two thousand twenty three
represents sixty six orbitz
one prized Earthling
named Amélie Beth Harris-McGeehan
completed round the sun.

About half her life linkedin
with spousal enrichment,
(while hunkered down livingsocial
in Woodbury, New Jersey),
hence the hyphenated married name.

Though said endearing eldest sister
approximately thirteen plus months my senior,
ofttimes during mein kampf,
she displayed maternal (motherly) mien.


Thundersnow rumbles
as you flee through the night
Your soul reeks of fear
to the old one's delight

How dare you to live
and take pleasure again?
Do you dare to be happy
be alive, with no pain?

The monster within you
is dormant and sleeps
"Here, in my heart sir
is the love that I keep"

It's old and so moldy,
A bit ancient, I'm sure
but I'll bet that it works
for once it was pure...

Killer Decisions...

The eyes are what disturbs him
as he looks into the glass
The mirror showing his decay
his youth is gone at last

"Why do I do as I will do?
I could quit and go to ground
I've made the world a safer place
there's fewer perverts 'round"

Hello my brother, I am here

"Bah, you would show up just now"

Come on Killer, don't be like that
I heard you take your bow


You’re not welcome to our bodies,
We are not made for your hobbies.
When you ask if we’ll be yours,
We’re not bit parts in sex wars.

Your jests emerge as sleazy,
Do not think that we are easy,
We’re familiar with a creep, and
what you’ve got, you can keep.

You’re a pretext for a human,
Acting out, relentless confusion.
Without boundaries you will prowl,
You can’t smile without a scowl.

Autumn Opulence

leaves like precious gold
brilliant as the sun, save one -
red, like a ruby

Of November

It is like one last sigh -

a warm breath before
the chill of winter,

trees singing before they rest,
the earthy fragrance of golden fields,

our hands still naked with no gloves,
the gentle swish of raking leaves,

voices ebbing as the days grow darker
before life falls into a still slumber

as December spreads herself over
the earth, like a maternal blanket.


The shimmering disc shaped moon
The sky was multicoloured punching
Bright like splashed glitter of thrown lights

A breath of wind and honey suckle trees
a new world even brighter a place to
Escape whenever I need. I discovered

an ancient tranquil zen like place a
Portal by falling by mistake through a
whirlpool ancient dusty old mirror
Discovering a secret from my bedroom.
It only speaks to the suffering the hurting

By the blood moon's light
Through the window sill
He crept; a shadow of darkness
Master of chaos and fright

Molten-esque breath against my neck
Shivers plummeting down my spine
Glowing eyes that hypnotize
Behind honey-glazed vocals saying I'll be fine

Sliding his hand behind my head
Twisting strands of hair around crooked finger tips
Quivering with anticipation, I fell into a trance
His other hand pulling me into his hips


Life's a calendar, telling lives different
A moment comes when the mind cracks, mental paralysis,
No emotions to feel, just a long road of fear, hate and regrets,
Feelings of emptiness on rampage, anger and sorrow in festivity,
Nothing working out, not a thing to praise,
Nothing to show for, celebrate
Until you let go of the old, nothing new comes


He welcomed me with open
Arms, into his family, into his life.
Protector of my heart
Peace for my soul
You are my home.


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