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Mended in art

The man who
hides his heedful
heart within
the sanguine
seams of his
solemn art.

Dead Like You

Why would I want to feel
dead like you? I suspect it
every day, my days are so more
threatening now since your evil
is here to stay.

Does the devil have a plan
for you are you his right hand man?
There is now just something about
you that I don't understand.

I try to hold on to the life
you might still have inside but
when I smell the stench of death
I know you won't be hard to find.


A girl looks to tomorrow
And she sees pure
No person
More radiate
She will be sunlight
Peaking through
At the break of the day

And she will no longer
Be the tomb
Of a mother's regrets
No longer the girl
Who sees self love as vanity
achievement as ego
No longer the girl
Who refers to herself
In third person
To escape the feeling
Of being in herself

Tomorrow will be
A better day
Where I will
Have my moment
In the sun.

What you can't see

I can't keep my mind from racing

I can't keep my heart from beating

I can't keep myself from shaking

I can't keep my eyes from tearing

I can't keep my body from trembling

I can't keep my thoughts from swirling

I can't keep my head from spinning

I can't keep myself from feeling

I can't keep my emotions in check

I can't keep my anxiety at bay

It's like a storm inside my head

That just won't let up



not far off the road where the landscape beckons

bright flowers punctuate the bouldered slope

low shrubs where rattlesnakes might lurk

a grotto, unseen from the asphalt

silence, dense and unnerving

here—2 names on a cross


Snowdrops ~ Ladies of Loveliness

The winter-proof snowdrops are blooming,
reminders that springtime is looming.
They brave the harsh breeze that is blowing;
in bleakest mid-winter they're growing!

In Latin, Galanthus Nivalis;
(to love them, you don’t need to know this)
‘Milk Flower of the Snow’s’ the translation;
from Promised Land brought to this nation.

All clouded in folklore and fable,
like Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel,
whose tears were all shed in the garden;
in Eden they begged heaven's pardon!

Ancient Magic of the soul

Fibrils of sepia
elongate across
the crown above,
soft white moonlight
mirrors on the floor

Awestruck, silenced,
an unspoken gasp
of reverence,
was stilled upon
my parted lips,
my night-scape
full of wonder
filigreed in starlight
is now reflected
in my eyes

In my cream temple,
my cathedral in the dark
a pencil is laid down,
and my soul laid bare

Between the fibres
of this tattered page,
ancient magic is made

My new world is Cold

Cool it!
I introduced..
cold wine too

you enjoy more
when it's chilled
you look for warmth
in a sexy blanket
could do after drinks cold
but not few

then both of you can do
what you want to

Half-life of Doubt

Sometimes I wonder if love ever wins;
inquiries with half-lives of mere seconds.
Then it occurs to me; it already has.
Otherwise, I could not ask those questions.


Those Scarlett lips that take men mild
And in them raise a passion wild,
That pout and promise such delight
Those scarlet lips that light the night.

Those teeth as white as hound dogs flash
Men fall before as if a lash
Across their shoulders leaves its mark
And leaves them weeping in the dark.

Those eyes as black as Ravens wing
Flash in the night and seem to sing
A song to make a strong man wilt
Then like a knife stab to the hilt.


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