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Wanted a long sabbatical
the storm came

no you can't fly
the storms over your domain
come later again
till then at home do remain

be prepared
for a free flight
go home alas
now no sabbatical
keep singing or rhyming
damn you
don't be silly

that I am
no work for me
but skipping

Survivor of the Night

Black curtain of dead, will not follow me into the bedroom, today.
It will obey.

I could only see the doors.

At the doors stood a man
His smile told me everything
He was wicked.

The craziness of the whole situation,
Was clearly visible.

The man that stood at the door was death,
Looking into the eyes of a dead man.

The curtain moved in both directions, until, the man said its goodbyes


A woman's body does not
Belong, to the government.
Once again, this borders on
Personal harassment.

The woman's body is hers,
It's a personal choice.
The abortion issue ignites the
Woman and her voice.

A typical case of men trying
To control women.
It is a personal thing what
Can grow in her abdomen.

Do you really want another?
Suffragette movement?
Are you doing this for?
Your own amusement?


I am a prisoner tortured and confined.
has freedom become a crime for humanity?
my extraction had been proscribed a terrorist!
because I seek freedom to liberate my people.

time would tell this truth I speak on the air,
the nepotistic behavior and power that be,
has kept me like medieval castle dungeon
ruining in the lonely atmosphere of fear.

The broadened darkness now appeared,
with fear of threat and with nepotistic deal,
the national cake divided in a hidden table,
the treachery masters now licking their lips,

Nevermore (by: eddy styx) senryu string of five

Senryu String: Nevermore (by: eddy styx)

angelic face, love
ever my focus flower
dreaming in your arms

in awe cannot speak
my head full of your essence
precious beyond stars

inspired loving
gracing me in ecstasy
never another

fleetingly time flown
over many lives and moons
in death gone to sky

labor beyond love
hoping to capture her poise
angel hosts give voice


Having driven up as far as one could go
in a passenger car, in these Idaho mountains
up roads that I likely shouldn’t have driven
switchbacks the regularity here on forest service roads
and the “up,” always past slopes covered in pines
no deciduous trees at all
no aspens with their snow-white barks,
or red oaks with their unique as a fingerprint leaves.

I Knew

You were dressed in blue that day,
Your hair a lovely amber tide
Spilling in waves
Upon your shoulders.
And I knew.

You were smiling softly,
Eyes bright and dancing,
Your face a shining beacon
To all who passed your way.
And I knew.

I watched from the shadows,
Well beyond your notice
And fully aware
Of my privileged place.
And I knew.

Enthralled, my heart swelling,
I could but stare at you
And humbly thank God
That you had finally come.
And I knew.

The art of War

A simple man,
in a simple life,
without a simple stand.

The simple flower he holds,
close to his heart,

He plays with words.

I love.

I loved.

I will love.

He falls,
down, crumbles, fight for his own way,
and while You could sit and watch him, crawl,

Would you ?

Repeat After Me...

Tomorrow will be a better day
I sincerely hope it's true
'Cause I don't know what to say
Thought I taught you what to do

The same mistakes o'er and o'er
No lessons have you learned
Parrot sessions, repeat to me
But same errors have returned

What are you thinking? I must ask
Or don't you think at all?
I'm truly hurt that lessons taught
Upon deaf ears must fall

I Heard Of Your Name

Long time, I heard of your name;
I came to know
If it’s true, the word…
The peak of the golden mountain,
Set in the forest
Where all birds meet and jubilate.
It's fixed near the low water
At my feet the water flowed every day ;
And watched with every single seconds,
Until my eyes dizzied for six years
Your name is not famous like Jesus
You taught me success,
And trained me to hope for fortune
Everywhere I found your teaching,
In my bosom, I say;
Though no single word in my mouth,


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