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Peach Poem Recipe November Contest

I envy the prolific poet
who can whip up a delicious dish
of twenty lines (or less)
and present it
like a perfect peach pie;
warm, topped with ice cream.

Words woven in an intricate lattice;
buttery, they melt on my tongue;
taste buds tantalized by the
succulent, brown-sugared mound
of fresh fruit imagery, juicy
and lovingly intermingled


I haven’t thought much about her ashes
since she’s been gone. Grief, as I’ve known it,
never needed a physical place to take up residence

But I’m worried about the ashes now
as we try and make our peace
with dispersing the dust of what is left behind

How will I know which ashes were there on my first day of school?
Which ones listened to me when I needed to share my troubles?
Maybe I’ll be able to make out those that were part of her smile…

Give and Take

I don't care to let anyone in
because then they know
just where you have been

You are a people collector
a hoarder of souls
i think you know
you need to let them go

You gather them
as you would bees in a jar
or like postcards held
in cellophaned pages

You'll have to let them be
open the lid
rip out a leaf

people crave for a time
a bit of their own
to spend on themselves
to share with a friend


If I start to push away, just know its because you were perfect.
If I stop talking, its because you started to understand me a little to well.
If I start to become distant, just know its because I can't handle all the feelings and expectations you come with.
It started to become more than sex for you, you wanted to make me feel again..
why? what more do you want? I thought my body was enough?

I have no love to offer..
I have nothing left..
just stay in this moment with me and after you can go..

If only we still had each other

if only
we still had each other
together we'd lock our beautiful brown eyes
savoring our presence
because time flies

if only
I didn't let go
you'd know
I love you so

if only
time could fly
I'd give its wings
only to look you in the eye
to promise
never to say goodbye

Grammie's Halloween's Eve Letter

Dear Ones,
Hoping that you all are doing great
and will have a wonderful and safe Halloween!
It looks like it's going to be a
beautiful Halloween Eve
Just recently,
Batman and Robin
were seen
jogging around Sherwood Forest!
There may be a lot of
interesting activity warming up.
Will keep my eyes open...
if I don't fall asleep.
Sending my love and
blessings to all of you.
Hugs and Kisses,
Grammie Fenton

HALLOWEEN OCT 2021 CONTEST was it read

They asked me to write about
I asked
what the
all laughed

Now the real
witch I saw yesterday
took many hearts away
was but a natural one
tall dressed like a blown up witch
had a dark black hay wired switch
her legs showed
a black torn shabby stocking.

her hubby held her hand
led the way
lest she'd run away

then somewhere
she landed from her cart
is he dead yet

You the Wicked

Well, I sleep the nights to myself.
This existence is nothing without you.
This moral coil may as well be dust,
You be the ashes to my smoke,
Isn’t that the same thing?
No, one lives on-
The other ki/lls the first.
I be the (silent) blight.
It -stalks- you in the hour of sun
This green lady of envy tore you a/p/art,
Caught me in its web.
They call me the wicked witch,
But it is you who were the cruel.

Through a lifeline

Through any
lifeline it
doesn’t matter
how long .
We must thrive
and stand strong
as time pulls
us along .
we stand up
and strive
by being

Dried Up

Forests and fields like crumpled paper
Flame up at a bolt of lightening
Or a carelessly tossed cigarette butt
Children rub sticks and death play with fire

Smoke adrift perks up all awareness
Animals run erratically
-Autumn disaster – lives come to end
The fields so welcoming, now gone as
The trailer leaves town and looks so sad
There is nothing left but a black hole
The beloved lives that now remain
Watching the cherished birds fly away
Everything, so lovely, has dried up
-Ugly as a blood thirsty werewolf


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