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Learning To Fight/Dad's Teachings

Learning To Fight/Dad's Teachings

as I sat at his knee
he said to me
I have few rules
when fighting my duels:

when a group attacks
"take out the biggest first"
he said.
"the others might give it second thought!"

"always let your opponent throw the first punch.
when the police come, they will ask who started
the fight" can honestly say: he/she did!
he told me:

When i am dead

When I die tomorrow,
don't bother to shed tears,
neither come for funeral,
cos I can't return you,
these precious favours.

Instead cut first rose of dawn,
brew tea and light cigarette,
don't straighten folds of sheet,
time would stop and smile,
we will be together again.
©® Kumar Ramesh

Princess Charming

I am a sucker for poetry and watching the sun rise..
I have a thing for mystery and..
Misanthropy.. I..
Try to hide the same qualities that
Other people use to define me.. but I..
cant define myself because I can no longer lie.. to myself.. and why?
This life, this game..
Is a hand I was dealt
For a game I never learned the rules to..
My cards are blank, and by the look on your face, i can see that you are too..
But its ok, because I am a sucker for fairy tales.
Happily ever afters..



you have said
what he did but ...
differently ....

We all fly
but unlike birds
we go about on broken roads ....
they then in open wilderness ..
have more alternatives ...
we have taken just one.

Be a fish
you could keep changing ...
which pool ...
which river ...
where's the sea ...
could you be in the ocean
you may better be...
where ever you may
a butterfly free and happy

Searching For Job

Two months searching for a job
To take care of home and family
To stand out among friends;
For want of a job-
My qualification was low
And my age was old
Under the sun I begged
If I didn’t have qualification
I would have been working
More than seconds, then
Slowly when it’s dusk, as if
I’m a clock.

My certificate was not my pride
But my skill was the need he wanted

MY King

I'm amazed by the things you do
Miracles happen everyday
In my heart i know it's true

Oh Holy one
How you have blessed me
Now I follow your lead
Coming right at me

I feel your heartbeat
Now time had come
To march to his drum

You are my King
MY King Of Peace
My safe place

Bringing us all together
Is our cry
Ride or die
We stand tall
Some may fall
Some may even crawl
But in the end
WE rise to defeat them all

The Unmasking

No longer here to hear things said,
Your legacy no more only sadness.
A trail of pain is gained from memories you created.
Why, I want to know.
This scourge of horror tales told unmasking you to reveal who,
Who are you? A brother, a husband? a friend? Or a monster unmasked.
You fooled me, us, them, when?
Full of.ale unveil a predator, my father.
Sorry to say you lost your way.
Your face no more grace, ripped away torn out, by you,
With tales so true.


You are the angel of my life
your smiles awakens the sun rise
your laughter unveils your beauty
you are the star that shines on my face

ever since you came into my life
I found an endless peace and joy
your company was like a family union
staying around me was like a breathe of life

just know I ended this adorable friendship
'cause you're coarse and foul-mouthed bully
I hate to beat a woman due to their feminity
since I can't endure and tolerate your attitude


What do you consume
The sunlight or gloom?
The answer decides
If you struggle or bloom.

Soft Persuasion: Senryu String of Seven

in campfire light's glow
eyes locking, sparks flying high
desire quickens.

flush of soft pink skin
highlighted by the embers
temperatures rise

a voyeur by trade
I savor this private view
emerging in full

eyelashes flutter,
embracing intensity
urgent need rising

merging excites, NOW!
explosions keenly erupt
sustaining moment.

tranquil cessation
finding tropical waters,
fluidly they swim.


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