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Lonely Sun Comes

The sun was feeling lonely
in the laden skies
no love making with humans
clouds besides
sun warmed up
clouds blushed and melted
squeezed the water out
rained freely
humans thought 'twas like pee
but were happy

sun fired each individually
Covid went to sleep
now I'm warmed up
sun has been so free
ah so lovely with me

now who will come
let me know

Lovely Afternoon

She sits at the table
working on a puzzle
I rise from my chair
to pour us some wine

She suddenly asks me
if I might ever come up to her
and tell her I no longer want her

(this happened to a character
in a book she's been reading)

My brief pause causes her
more angst than she can
comfortably carry without
the help of my answer

I tell her I want to stay
as long as the nights
keep chasing after the days

She smiles and sips her wine
and places another piece
in her puzzle


She flies into a rage
when he addresses her needs
Simply put, she wants to be alone
He minds, but knows enough not to say so

She knows that she is being unreasonable
but in the moment, she doesn't care
Her pain causes flashbacks
And he is there, a target for her barbs

It is unfortunate, that she cannot "just get over it"
He loves her more on her 'good days'
but, tries hard on the bad ones too
A victim, quite by circumstance


what is passion

at times passion is felt more
within than without

physical you talk of
no doubt is momentary
one of remembrance
is long term memory

we all love both
you as well as I
what of it we speak
is simple poetry

a passion indeed
with all our love
for this newer breed
let's seed
at an abnormal speed



I've basked on the beach with Beethoven
n boogied to his craazzy style,
I taught Tarantino to tango,
we sat down, chewed the fat for awhile,

I've tap danced in Bojangles shoes
sung with Leadbelly Blues,
never liked Picasso though-
the fucker drank all 'o mi booze,

I bossanova'd my way down to san José
jus' to hear what Hendrix could play;,, ,
I found Einstein to be relatively kind
but Dylan really blew my mind,

Biafran Strong

How many times will you shoot me
To find out I cannot die?
How many times will you set me ablaze
To find out I cannot burn?

Oh Nigeria, a prison to them that seek to be free;
A gated nightmare to them that dream dreams;
Your near destiny down in the dust of doom.
For many years have I sought from you separate,
But you seek me to kill, my children to destroy.

The beach (October Halloween contest)

At the north side beach of river benue
They went fishing
Having fun and eating roasted fishes
Making jest to each other
They turned teasing bob
Of his bigger head and a tiny waist
"Head boy, head boy they yelled
Was a mockery name they gave him
Some called him "kanyi west"
Meaning tiny waist
He looked just as described.

Mother's Boy

A man, so proud, so strong so tall
One i'm afraid to even talk to
As if one out- of- place word might
Cause anger or even hasty blows.
Yet he cries at night and..
I pretend i don't hear him;
His shameless whimpers and whispers
Tell me who is behind his tears.
The mornings go on, each one the same,
And i always know how unhappy he is without his mother.
Eight tearful years have passed,
You'd think it time to move on but...
He still clings to the hope that she will return

The Autumnal fever

Wow,Autumn once again is here
what a lovely season
for all poets so dear

what a beautiful fall
you relay
here it’s raining,
then a bit cloudy
sunnier later
during day

the clouds show anger
but quietly pass away
wonderful trees
so colorfully display
my what hues
I wish I could show you
I’ll fetch my camera
for you

The Good Old Bad Days... October Contest

Halloween and monsters
I've loved them all my life
Throughout my seven decades
Ask my friends and ask my wife

I'd dress up for the evening
Give out candy to the ghouls
The super-heroes dressed in tights
Villains and Joker-fools

I'd make up myself real scary
Like a vampire or a fiend
Lots of blood and gore
Make the little kiddies scream

It used to give me pleasure
To see the children cry
Then shower them with goodies
Wipe the teardrops from their eyes


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