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Logical Terrorist

What will you do?
Kill them with a
point of view

Now Mr. honest
labeled a terrorist
What is the weapon
Facts he can’t twist

Oh, take cover
You might not recover
From listening to another

now, to reason
Is a form of treason
Try intelligence.
Mixed with

don’t follow the yes men
Try speaking your mind
Before freedom to speak
Becomes hard to find

America the land of the free
Seems like we forgot
That she was built for everybody

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The below is a computer-generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

This poem, "Logical Terrorist," presents a strong commentary on freedom of speech, the power of truth, and the potential dangers of conformity. The use of direct address and rhetorical questions effectively engages the reader and provokes thought.

However, the poem could benefit from more consistent use of punctuation and capitalization. For instance, the line "Try intelligence. Mixed with Relevance" could be restructured for better flow and clarity, perhaps as "Try intelligence, mixed with relevance."

The poem's theme is clear, but the message could be strengthened through more precise language and imagery. For example, the line "America the land of the free" is a common phrase that might be reimagined in a more original way to add depth to the poem's critique.

The poem's structure is somewhat inconsistent. While free verse does not require a strict meter or rhyme scheme, some consistency in line length or stanza structure can help guide the reader and enhance the poem's rhythm.

Lastly, the title "Logical Terrorist" is intriguing but could potentially be misinterpreted. It might be worth considering if there's a title that could more accurately reflect the poem's theme without risking misunderstanding.

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that Logical Terrorist, seems to fit the premise of how people see the system of government these days. We tend to view the
"other side" as being the terrorists trying to make everyone see the logical side of their story. I agree that punctuation could play a better part here but understand that the on and off again rhyme lends a distinct rap-like feel. I say, nicely done sir. ~ Geez.

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Would to God that we might see the day in which every man had a fair say, but sadly I don't think it's going to happen
until something better than the collective good in us all comes along to clean up the mess we've made.

The power of our language can and will change the world.
Successively until our languages become one!

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author comment

An excellent example of how rhyme can enhance Any type poetry. Also good illustration of how America is drifting off the path of acceptance

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I admire your rhyming and i like the focus! my favorite lines are:

America the land of the free
Seems like we forgot
That she was built for everybody

Ditto! ;) Cat

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author comment

Hello, Paul,
Much to think about here. It is harder and harder to get intelligent information based on fact and truth. We are being fed fear and ignorance. "Speaking our mind" many times is an instant emotional reaction instead of an opinion based on reason. The last stanza is especially powerful - welcoming tolerance and diversity is what makes a democracy so great.
Thanks for this,

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