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Senryu String: Fields Of Dreaming (by eddy styx)

Senryu String: Fields Of Dreaming (by eddy styx)

her signature scent
wafting on room's air current
fills his head and mind

will she stay this time
he ponders this question now
hopes fulfilled she sleeps

candles on night-stand
their heads on same pillow smiles
soft night spent dreaming

You deserve Hell

If you should stand before her,
hands open wide,
If you should make her think,
you are the groom she is the bride

If you should let her feel.
like all that was is gone,
If you should let her think,
you are the answer from beyond,

you deserve hell.

She is standing in the kitchen,
forlorn of days gone by.
She is nothing more than she was,
from the day you walked in her life,


Home is knowing you’ve found your place
Not exclusively concrete or wood
A place to yearn for, when too long away
To be there if only you could

It might be the heart of the bright city lights
Or down by the old ocean’s edge
For me, it’s uphill from a lake in the woods
Surrounded by foxes and ledge

A gallery of gardens and flowers galore
Surrounded by meadows of clover
Sweet serenade of the honey bee’s song
A symphony that’s never quite over

What do people think
When they read my poetry?
Do they marvel at my pretty turns of phrase
And the complexity of rhythmical structures
Sometimes metrical
And sometimes not?
When I rhyme
Do they like
My rhyme scheme?
Rhyme and Meter …
Counting beats
While trying to make the words rhyme –
Are they at all impressed
By how
This challenging task?
Do they recognise
Rhymed Sapphic stanzas, Alcaics if you please?



We walk down the street and,
I hear people say,
"A beautiful lady is coming our way."
Although you don't hear them,
I certainly do,
And I'm so proud, so proud,
To be with you.

We step in a store and,
I hear people sigh,
Their eyes fill with wonder,
As you amble by.
Although you don't notice,
I certainly do.
And I'm so proud, so proud,
To be with you.


storm coming, news of the day
cars crawling along causeway
wind howling, foaming whitecaps
surf promising, to alter the map
yet she stands her ground, shift as it may

sea cannot drown her, it flows in her veins
wind cannot down her, her voice is its song
waves cannot shake her, her stance is too strong
when she and the dolphins are all that remain
she’s as placid as the eye of the hurricane


OKAY I accept your challenge
next one will be on a house wife ...
one who is nagging, 55,
most of the while...

your tummy is so big
'tis like you were in ninth month
your beard so grown
your shave a rascalian
gosh smelling foul teeth
use some sweetened toothpaste
your nose you pick
like a chameleon

what errors did I make
when I gave unto you,
youthful mistake
all gals make

I vow never to marry you,
if I return your way again

The cautious clown

The cautious clown
hides his
crestfallen frown
behind his
Intricate crown
of color.
Never letting
his true self
fully seep through
the cracks of


It’s my universe and I created it.
When it was cold and dark
And it hurt and I cried
That was me

That was my existence and I hated it
Sadness turned to anger
Self loathing precipitated
Viscous despair

A vest of depression and I weighted it
Piled on mistakes and regrets
And dragged them around like a
Security blanket

But then…

Frances resists

Frances resists,
So William persists,
But Frances insists
That William desists,
So she slaps at his wrist.
But William persists.
“stop it” is hissed,
But William persists,
So she sees a red mist,
But William persists,
And out come her fists,
But William persists.
Then comes the twist,
Her lips he enlists,
And when Frances is kissed
She gets most of the gist
So she starts to assist,
As William persists
And her charms are not missed
by Mister or Miss.


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