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Greener Days

The yellow sunshine does not live here.
The rainy clouds are friends.
trudging through layers of sludge-
We -.-soldier-.- on through the storms.
We shiver and cry ourselves to the bone.
In a sky full of stars we\
The night filled with the howls of wolves
As they descend upon the brave.
Our walls are built thick enough-
Though the cold tries hard to take souls.
Hurricane is the way of the day's mood switch.
I wish for the days of lavender air
And greener grasses.

Owl eyes of Night,
impassive orbs
veiling pins of ebony,
watch under moonless sky.
The air is sharp as a steel dagger;
Lady Macbeth
staggers under her purple shawl,
wielding an air-drawn weapon.

In the Justice of Time she will punish
her well-loved husband and Sire,
squeamish executioner of the King.
When blood of Great Cawdor's veins
flows from corners of her lips,
she'll have loved him as savage Night loves Death.
For the sleeping and the dead are but as pictures.

My Birds of The Weather...

Blue sky, a minute ago
Fleecy-white clouds
Gentle breezes lifting the hawk
Gliding silently out of sight

Sparrows flicking across a grey vista
Brown little bodies, adjusting constantly
Wagging stubby tails and blurred wings
Making secure nests against the Autumn chill

Birds on the wires, huddled close
Flakes of snow tucking heads under wings
Starlings like darts in the crosswinds
Speeding bullets to warm barns and spilled grain

Weather Report - New England

She is here then gone only to return worse, like waves – the nor-easter
Then sometimes will become so hot that it will burn our exposed skin
Cold, so much so, our fingers get bitten by the freeze - frost bite
(no Robert Frost did not bite) but Jack frost?
She is loose from asylum a true bi-polar, she and her mood swings

Burning Birds

If I never breathe another breath,
I’m not like the mistresses-
(Who, to you, don’t exist at all,)
With the mistakes of gold
Paved in current red.
In my point of view-
Every day the game changed
When running on empty
was the only thing I had.
Why must you give it all-
Then take it all away.
Such a foolish little girl.
With her bright cerulean eyes
And dreams of flying to freedom.
I take those matches,
I’m not afraid to burn to run,
With flames in my wake,
It’s time for better.

CITY SKETCHES Sixteenth in the Scuppernong series

Two men walk by, animated
each having their own sight in the moment
they are bringing vision out of dreams
putting possibilities into practice.

Japanese women, a dozen or so come out of Scuppernong Books
look uncomfortable in the heat, perhaps wishing for Tokyo
speaking in their native tongue
one is angry speaking in body language only.

One man of color walks by, preoccupied,
his thoughts trailing like balloons behind.

Song Help

I'm writing a song and I kinda got stuck halfway through
I need a title and I need more ideas
you can post your thoughts and song ideas in the comments
and it's ok if you change the whole song
here it is

I standstill as the chaos swirls around me
I feel ill like a hole in this story
I don't mind if nobody seems to notice me
but when he looks at me

Big Sally.

Bless all the barmaids that have ever lived
who carried featherlite and knobbly ribbed,
who listened to waffle and crap I spoke
who granted liddle me, a slap n poke,

Who parted flaps whilst in drunken stooper
and gave the bird, to the party pooper!
the big ones, the small ones, the fat n thin
god bless slappers, that invited me in,

Bejeezus Begorra, Mag da Horra,
bless all barmaids, I'll shag on the morra!
big tits big ass, n the ones that pass gas
god bless the ones that I’ve yet to harass,

Tavern Song

Take a pause and sit down
Drink your fill but don't drown
Eat a pie or a morsel exotic
Give a burp and a fart
Save some room for a tart.
And meet her upstairs for a frolic

The cursed heart

My sun rises
My Moon falls
Hollow hearts cannot

The seas rock
The Sky sores
Trapped by my ores lock

Trapped by unforgivable light
No reflector for my sender
Everlasting light yet eternal blender

Forever in-sequence
Thy rusts stainless cords
Polar love the moon and the sun

The never-ending seas
Thy un-graspable heart
Denial shall blood flow

I a shady sight
You the sketchy sky
The everlasting cords
Shall never lie


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