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Timeless Love

Waiting, longing for love, slowed time.
Quietly sitting dormant like a volcano,
the slow pace of time tormented my soul.
I failed to see the signs appearing before my eyes.

The passage of time, darkened my sorrow,
like the night sky bringing sadness to a few.
Day after day my soul bides time.
For all things to pass.

Time did not rest, finding love was quickly fading.
The cycle of time awakened my soul,
to a clear knowledge of a time past.
Bonding time and love eternally.

old lover

<p>you told me it was forever
I would have kissed you forever
was there no truth?
our hearts were connected,
our bodies were bound,

but our love was just a fever dream
you never believed it hurts me as a figment
may you find happiness</p>


I just read two guys at each other's lives pry
One was not shy two wives he had tried one fled the other died but he never cried nor lied
took his pet dog for a car ride and said hello BRED you are my best friend unwed yet
Another guy said he had three one too many now finally he is happy with the one who remains glued straps him like a pet you know what they go along for a long walk holding hands ere one runs


For years, someway
avoiding each other, taking
the occasional furtive glance, in
the other’s Facebook page , out
of an unbridled sense of curiosity, against
their grains, both
seek to know what might just, be
going on with the other.

Friend, please, pack the bowl tight
cause I can’t deal with the sight
just one more toke
even tho I don’t really wanna smoke.

A Ride For The Dead

I’ve the dead with me
In the abattoir near the mountains
Where they dried their bones and flesh
For gold and silver of the Midianite;
Maybe someday, I’ll carry their memories
To the table where the state is ruined.
Perhaps today, I found them without footwear;
Running on the street to retreat to the tree
Where their names are tagged;
In the cold and winter, they felt all alone.
I’ve called the pen-riders to pick up my fight
When I have slept in the pot of soil.

The broken record

The only
I have learned
is that
was meant
to burn .
Leaving in
it’s ashes
the repeating
Rueful record
always stuck
on one track.
out those
once persistent
fervent feelings .
Which makes you
Yearn for her
in your
arms again.

But love is just
Like a record .
When it’s broken you can never
truly get it back
to what it once was.

Missing Of A Cherub.

Turning round and looking up to the sky
I see the sky turn dark
The sun so scorching
That everyone murmurs
Something in a voice so high.
Like a black goat in a dark night
I see nothing but a reflection standing straight
Ahead of me gawking on something
Worths nothing.
For so long, my mind bubbles for what to say
As I enclosed my thoughts and
Just like a dream, it came true but not to stay.

My Father... Random Challenge # 16

My father was twisted by spirited drink
alone, he was a good guy
Too much and he wandered toward the brink
accompanied by the lie

Lies, that he had it under control
the devil knew him better
Old spirits had his very soul
and led him on a tether

Just one drink, the promise whispered
and you will feel real great
But there was a second and a third
to make him feel first rate

When Will I Protect My Homeland

When will I protect my homeland?
From the roaring of a lion
That walks in the day and night
Snatching the young and old
Who hope for fortune
In their sniffs and bubs;
While the tears and frown lower their faces;
When the days fly away.

When will I protect my homeland?
From the mew of cats
That steal meats from our cupboards
In spite of protecting our homes,
They burgle into our houses every minute
And take away our gold and diamond.


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