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Sunless Kingdom (reworked)

Sunless Kingdom

windswept land
of impermeable night
he, lost in the darkness
most disastrous plight.

walking streets of sorrow
to the gates of desolation row.
finding only the long-lost Raven,
lamented by E. A. Poe

finding his long lost lover
his only quest
alone and dedicated,
he is a man possessed!

he looks to the winds, deserted
for they are not anywhere
empty arms, aching for love
finding only despair.


What I was I am no longer,
I am older and I'm stronger,
What I've achieved, I've done alone
You were gone and I have grown.

Never again am I blooded and beaten,
In your world that I felt incomplete in.
Didn't stay strewn and ill-tempered tossed
I escaped, and you have lost.

I need help

I can't survive this,
If I leave,
I know he's going to be pissed,
He walks through the door and
Gives me a kiss,
I can't keep going on like this,
I need help,
I pray to God every night,
I need your strength ,
To help me through this,
Oh God I want this to end,
I need help,
I can't survive this,
Prison I'm in

Already Gone

If you're reading this
I'm already gone
Try to understand
I did my best
What's done is done

A life time wasted
Lost and wondering
My deepest regrets
I think you know
Emptied my soul

If you're reading this
Know no one loved you more
You were my final thought
But you're already better off
Now that I'm gone


Wondrous woman
whose own brilliance remains a mystery to her.
An otherworldy mind and heavenly heart,
leave my soul profoundly stirred.

An inexplicable meeting,
and an even unlikelier reunion--
unbelievably sweet,
it's hard to believe that she's human.

A sense of home
while traveling the globe.
Brings with her tranquility
that is evasive on its own.

Simply the greatest;
such an incomparable spirit.
Anything good I exhibit
is something of hers, I've mirrored.


Believing in the impression
the idea that things would work out
alright, somehow

when shown his wife’s ashes final resting place
a small creek in Ireland
that would flow out to the sea, eventually…

Reflecting on the impression he had carried away
and the conduct so despicable from her family
at the end of her Life

he knew then that his idea
had been wrong
all along.

Re-- In-carnation

u b so lovely
a petty dog
you cannot b
even if you do
sorry you won't know
nor will b able to catch me
I will fly like a butterfly high
But neither of us will know
who I
again why u
so why a darned
4 us 2
alone should do

OK NOW ADVANCE thank you 4 reading me 2

The Tears That Fall

The Tears That Fall

Daily Events

I can be selfish, insecure,
And mean.
I can hide my dirt,
I can come clean.

I make mistakes,
I can be hard to handle.
I can bring peace,
I can bring scandal.

I can be rough,
I can be rude.
I can bring a smile,
I can change the mood.

I can change my mind,
Or stay the same.
I can sit it out,
Or play the game.

I can go with the flow,
I can make a wave.
I can mind my manners,
I can misbehave.


I am.

A hand laid next to the female body.

I am,



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