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An Unfair Reflection

Like facing a mirror, if I went back in time
Reclined on the floor, when this boy aged nine
Keenly approached, as I sipped my wine.
Mum by his side, he desperately asked
What’s in your flask? And come back to ours!
His mum then said No! Leave him alone
We have things to do, then we must go home.
The boy defiantly said the man is cold and it’s dark
He doesn’t have a mum, a bed, or even a phone.
She said don’t trust that man, he can sleep where he’s at
No! said the boy, he’s a man not a cat!
She replied let him die, he is at where he’s at
Cos he’s a slave to the drink, not milk, no cat.
But mum I like juice. Am I like that?
You are who you are, said the mum with thoughts dark.
The little boy sighed, with tears in his eyes
He said I’m not going to cry, and I will grow a beard
Like that man on the floor. He is nice, and he’s poor
I’d rather have nothing, it’s not fair, we have more.
You can grow a beard, when you grow up.
I’m not a little kid mum, please shut up!
So, the boy left his mum, and she left her son
They went astray, they parted ways
A new chapter, had begun.

To be continued…

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interesting story. I have now been invested and will anxiously await the next episode. Same time, same Neo. channel.
~ Geezer.

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