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Staring at the Stars

This garden is empty
But, above me is plenty.
I care in this chair
As I look at the stars
But, it’s hard to tell them apart!
It’s a heart-breaking thought
To know some are dead.
That thought goes around in my head.
Because they are so far away.
Back in the day, the light left them.
It eventually reached us
Before they sadly decayed.
We are all made from stardust
So, when the stars died
We all came into being
Which gave us the gift of seeing.
We live and all know we’ll die.
But, we still all live in hope
Because we have stars in our eyes.
I wish to be closer to them -
Nearer than the comfortable sofa.
I like to envision that the vision of the stars
Will create happiness, so I’ll then mentally fly
Because gazing at the stars
Is like grazing on grass
It’s animalistic, prolific, and the inbuilt wonder
Will never pass, until the stars die.
Until then, I'm going to keep my chin up
Look up, and make the most of this wonderful universe.

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Hello, Michael,
This is lovely, and there are some very magical thoughts throughout. But I think your strongest part of the poem is the first two lines;

"The garden is empty
but above me is plenty"

Such beautiful language, it could stand as a brief poem itself.
Thank you!

Lovely words. You write as you feel and I think that is the best way if that is what you enjoy. It would be easy to make suggestions but all I will say is keep writing as YOU want. Alex

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