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The Nurse in Blue

The nurse in blue
Is sick like the ones who go through
The doors each day, and all they say
Is help, I’m not well, but she tries to not dwell
On others’ emotions; poorly paid, no promotion
Just like her clothes, blue is her mood
She’s seen much death, and has no time for food
Then she gets worse, like the patients she’s taken
Cos she’s rushed off her feet, but do not be mistaken
She worse in herself, not in her job, it is safe
But push her too far, and you’ll leave it too late
She will be on a bed, like the people she helps
Or maybe much worse, she will be dead.

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very much like a rap-song, that could be popular amongst the younger generation of nursing students, Aides, LPN's, RN's!
A really young group, singing it....
Hey, ya never know. ~ Geezer.

Writing purely for oneself, is the ultimate in defensive posture.

Hello, Michael,
Hats off to our nurses, especially the past few years with COVID and nursing shortages. The tight rhyme and pace help deliver the poem's message.
Thank you,

COVID was main inspo. but also just being there a lot from drinking.

author comment

that Covid was the main inspiration here. I hope that you find the strength to recover. ~ Geezer.

Writing purely for oneself, is the ultimate in defensive posture.

Is an RN on a labor and delivery unit. It’s a completely toxic relationship with administration but the providers and the labor room nurses get shit done.

Excellent job

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