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I never considered,
A change of heart.
I never thought about us,
Being worlds apart.

The first time I ever,
Experienced life.
Was the day,
You made me your wife.

The colors of my world;
Brighter than ever before.
With you, I wasn't just flying,
I could soar.

Every facet of
My life was enriched.
Imagine what happened,
When you flicked the switch.

My soul enhanced,
From your love.
It's not an easy hole,
To crawl out of.

Every single day is a
Fucking struggle.
I'm so fucked-up,
I can't even hustle.

Confined to a wheel-chair;
I sank pretty low.
You could say I have,
Let myself go.

Life has no color,
My world is cold and gray.
This is how it is,
Since you went away.

I will never be OK,
Ever again.
I can't live in the now,
Because of then.


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Structured: Western
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Explicit Content


To read this one of yours. It’s so well written, and so explicit..

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Thank you so much. You took time to read it and comment. Thank you again.

Best Wishes,

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