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The Century 1700 TO 1799

I am the University of Yale
Opens its door.
I am the beginning of the
Revolutionary War.

I am one of the 13
I am the Sons of Liberty

I am the Pilgram's at Plymouth
I am the Boston Tea Party thrown
Off the dock.

I am the day the Navy was
I am Paul Revere the midnight
Ride awaited.

I am Ben Franklin and
Nathan Hale.
I am the Declaration of
Independence in detail.

I am the Bill of Rights and
Betsy Ross.
I am the bell of freedom
And tobacco crops.

I am the first proud U.S.
I am a patriot breaking away
From the Queen.

I am the Bunker Hill
I am Benedict Arnold and
His psychobabble.

I am Samuel Adams and
Thomas Payne.
I am the Boston massacre
Independence gained.

I am the colonial era and
The Sugar Act.
I am the Pilgrams and natives
Make a pact.


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this piece of art is a history lesson in full bloom. I am inclined to read more on many of them. you have piqued my interest, thank you! it is always great to see a poem of yours in the stream!

*hugs, Cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

Hello Miss Cat. I'm having such a good time these oldies but goodies. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Best Wishes,

author comment

Hello, Turbo,
Intriguing poetry - I would love to know what inspired this. What catches my eye is the fairly tight and logical rhyme and rhythm still keeping within the theme. I'm a little confused if we are reading this as would be in, say, headlines in newsprint - "University of Yale Opens Its Door." If not, it seems the University of Yale should be "opening" its door, instead of "opens" its door. I'm sure you have a special intent here. Thank you for this unique piece combining history and poetry!

Hello Lavender,
What inspired this little poetry kick off? I wrote the first one about 1970 TO 1979. That one I could relate to. I remember those things. A friend of mine suggested I could do the decades. I started fiddling around with history. Here we are. I have enjoyed these decades. I have 1700 - 2022.

Thank You,

author comment

The historical information here is ridiculous. That’s like an entire semester of 8th grade history.

Good flow and great execution on this

Thank you for reading and commenting. I am 60 years old this month. 8th grade was a long time ago. It has a decent flow and I had a blast working on it.

Thanks Again,

author comment

* Ahem*,,, I feel like putting my arms around you,
giving you a big hug, patting you softly on the back and whispering,,,,
'there there,,, not to worry,,, you were almost an English man!"

Good poem mate, well written.


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