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Are you a giver?
Or taker?
Are you a mover?
Or a shaker.

Are you a lover?
Or fighter?
Are you to bed early?
Or an all-nighter.

Are you the light?
Or the dark?
Are you the bite?
Or the bark.

Are you the water?
Or the fire?
Are you honest?
Or a liar?

Are you wet?
Or dry?
Are you sober?
Or High?

Are you the disease?
Or the cure?
Are you polluted?
Or pure?

Are you loud?
Or quiet?
Are you the pie?
Or the diet.

Are you soft?
Or hard.
Are you relaxed?
Or on guard?

Are you organized?
Or scattered?
Are you a bitch?
Or a bastard?

Are you for real?
Or fake.
Are you a rat?
Or the snake?

Are you free?
Or in jail?
Are you heaven?
Or hell?

Turbo1904 ♥

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Structured: Western
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Not Explicit Content


The choices we all have to make as we go through our lives- which side do we fall on? I love the comparisons used and would not change a thing.



Hi RoseBlack. Thank you for reading and replying to Which Are You. I have over 100 of these comparisons. I really had fun with these choices. Something to think about.

Best Wishes,

author comment

Hello, there,
Nice job with rhyme and tempo. Your theme is consistent throughout and I enjoy the way the poem makes us look at ourselves. I notice some lines have question marks and other have periods. Is there a thought pattern?
Thank you!

Thank you, Lavender. I have around 100 of these scenarios. I need to edit, that is what the periods and question marks are all about. I had fun with this one. Thank you again, glad you enjoyed it.

Best Wishes,


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