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I hope you find what you're
Looking for.
I hope love never becomes
A chore.

I hope you can find
Your way.
I hope you have the right
Words to say.

I hope you find that special
I hope you never hold a
Smoking gun.

I hope you are kind to
Your heart.
I hope when you love it's off
The chart.

I hope you truly understand
I hope you pay attention to
Your health.

I hope you know how special
You are.
I hope he treats you like
A Rockstar.

I hope you get all
You deserve.
I hope you never lose
Lose nerve.

I hope your soul is surrounded
By flowers.
I hope you're not alone in the
Final hours.

I hope you love someone that
Stays forever.
I hope you never feel the

I hope your happy and get all
You need.
I hope in your heart you truly


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Structured: Western
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Not Explicit Content


Thank you. I enjoyed writing it. I went thru a divorce recently and wish and hope the best for her. That is how the poem came to be.

Thanks again,

author comment

As it is written from the perspective of a lonely person but yet not a bitter person.

Check the situation with your/you’re. You have one of those in there. Everything else looked good


Lonely a little. I have friends and family that stop by. Bitter never. I recently went thru a divorce, this poem was inspired by the divorce. Ten years and poof it's gone. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Thank you,

author comment
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