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Verse Or Worse


Apologies, but I really must enquire
Is it raw emotion that drives all words
Assuming it is no automated response
And of course not taking me for a nonce
With selections between so many fonts
In some pretty rhyming verse to esconce
But which are whey, and which are curds
When to deeper meaning one may aspire

Uncertain certainties

I don't live in the past
Yet it resides in me
With every tear that falls
From each triggered memory
If there's to be a future
Then you must understand
That I'll need reassurance
And an honest loving hand
I'll need for you to want me
Not just say you do
Don't just say you love me
I'll need to feel it too.
I can't deal with anger
The shouting makes me weak
I tremble and shut down
And I find it hard to speak
I'll get jealous and frustrated

i wish

I wish I could fly, to see the world how it truly is, to see it not from a distance but for it
To be able to touch the sky, reach my goals; my fantasies as they fly high
It goes without saying, the clouds being beyond reach presumes a light
A light in which I seek, a light in which I couldn’t dare to reach
From beyond the meadows or valleys, and beyond the silver screen
I’m starting to think people don’t see the real me




There is anger toward women
In our Country.
Men want us to look like
The playboy bunny.

You can see it in our current
No matter how you view it,
It's discrimination.

Men are women's biggest
Women feel safe if he is

The consequences could
Be deadly.
All because she wasn't

It is taught in schools,
They call it education.
What is really going on,
Is indoctrination.

Caffeine Scene


Today I found myself out of kilter
I needed my morning cup of Joe
Woke up but had no coffee filter
Just the instant stuff, yeah I know

Some kitchen roll just might do
Folded so it forms a paper cone
Maybe good enough for a brew
It’s just for me so I won’t moan

I find the tub is nearly empty now
Maybe last time I was half asleep
I can manage this, as I know how
The learning curve ain’t that steep

Last Train

Autumn rain at the midnight hour,
I wait for you,
Ghosts of the past pleading for me to leave,
But I am shackled by the thought of you,
The world begrudge,
The last train awaits,
I wait,
But the chains of society have become too heavy for you,
So a visit from sacrifice,
That gifted you fear,
Has caused you to forget my name,
So I journey towards my fate,
Alone and nameless,
My heart betrayed.

Free Inspiration


Pushing through the thick cobweb of words
Brushing across my face, eager to be chosen
Yet feelings and emotions are the blood supply
Raw stuff, strongly welling up from deep inside
Not this antimacassar of subtle intellectual lace
If words don’t come through in the normal flow
Then all that left brain penning is such artifice

A Mother’s Gift

A mother’s pride pearl jewelry
shine and glow of embellishing
display to see
on the wearing neck
to bring in a radiant look
from a hand custom made
passing on from generation
with a priceless and valuable
As a sovereign gift
for a special occasion
on a wedding day
As a symbol sign of love
Far beyond my description
That is filled with gracious kindness
With the share of bonding

[Submitted as a jointly written poem from RoseBlack, Jackweb, and Ray Whitaker]

Why not love us? Love needed, the tears evident in Love’s absence

those of us daring to step out, walking forward into the world.

Why not dance with us? Like around a blazing fire, drums sounding.

Our written poems, humbled by the ever so many Human voices,

we are moved to speak out, since not enough are really talking.


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