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Break The Chain

If you are on your second or
Third DUI.
If you have been to rehab more
Then one time.

Are you fucked up on drugs
Of all kinds?
The chemicals raging in your

There are greater forces
At play.
There is a softer, better

The hustle keeps you on
The street.
You have a hard time making
Ends meet.

Your money goes to drugs,
Can't pay your bills.
You can get out,
Your fate Is not sealed.

Clear your head,
No stinking thinking.
It is like quicksand,
Keeps you sinking.

Your thoughts are a mess,
Your heart enslaved.
It is not an easy road;
But, you can be saved.

You dig deep back to your
You and the past must make
A truce.

You and your monkey come
Face to face.
You can remember how addiction

You can opt for change or,
Remain the same.
You can ride it out or,
Break the chain.


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