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My Love, My Rotting Leaves (Part 2 round robin)

My Love, My Rotting Leaves pt.#2

a witch doctor was listed
in my "Book Of Shadows" here
to call upon his services
it was high time 'twas clear

he arrived at midnight
upon the witching hour
in full witch Dr. regalia
he, feeling his full power

setting a black cloth on the table
to hold my beloved so dear
next to gather essential items
for the dark spell so drear'

end Candlewitch
begin Geezer

Witch doctor Mumbo-Jumbo
is pretty good I hear
He's filled the air with magic
and drunk a case of beer

Chicken feet are burning
Man, there's quite the stench
I swig a nasty beer
my thirst, it doesn't quench

Now, the haze of Ganja
makes my eyes turn red
I see her body twitch
soon, she will be undead!

end Geezer
begin Rosewood Apothecary

Rise! pale white crocus of spring
Eternal love that never dies
Mortician’s stitches, her limbs now stirring
My would be bride opens her eyes

No apparition or mirage
Neither psychoactive effects
Of ganja smoke or liquid ghosts
Could make my lover sit erect

She scans the scene with empty eyes
That come to rest upon my gaze
She smiles big and opens wide
Let me tell you what she says…

end Rosewood Apothecary
begin Mark

You can fly
But most likely die
Depending upon
Just how high

Death be romantic
Me the white crocus of spring
But soon to wither
As summer's croaking frog does sing

Tadpoles swim
In a puddle by the river
Think of the road
It's a cold story told

end Mark
begin RoseBlack

Tell it again, I cried
Rushing to her side
I could hardly believe my eyes
My love was really alive

I kissed her lips, cold as ice
The scent of embalming fluid
Circled us both, lingering with every touch
The witch doctor sighed

It could not last forever
Perhaps it was all a dream
My grief engulfed me
Rotting leaves inside my head

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Last few words: 
I copied and pasted everyone's contributions together. Hope you guys like it!
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Great job!
Geez says that he will edit it then post it.

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This has been a lot of fun! I think we have a good team going here!

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author comment

helped me edit the first part and we will do this second part later. Afterwhich, the edited 2nd part will be the final stage, and this will be deleted. ~ Geez.

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