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Two quid a ticket.


Liverpudlian rock stars
to sing fer me - the Queen,
I'll pay yers all in Corgis
n transfuse ya wiv - caffine,

I've gorra a bloke called Ringo
fer the bingo in-between,

Support act, Chewbacca -
n Macca - in yella - submarine.


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..the queen might be much more loved if she had the same salty dialect you outline here, at least I know I would. You've a real knack for that and a bouncy beat to boot, Obi.
I imagine you're out bending your elbow, so, cheers!

Thomas like my lost dreams...the flood

Thank you, Sir. I appreciate that.

( "the bending of the elbow" has been muchly diminished thank, God.


author comment


author comment

Wanted....."- M’ha boots -"

A blind gal stole m’ah boots today
jus' up n carried dem away ,,,,,,( “musta bin blind !”)
a’h was drunk a’h guess
a’h musta bin
was outta m’ah head
on moonshine gin,

A’h was Laid in ‘d gutter
a honkin down
when th’ gal crept up
a thief renown,
she had dem away on her damn toes
jus m’ah luck;
a’h do suppose, ,,,,“musta bin blind !,, musta bin !”

D’a boots were nearly
ten year old
jeeezus man d’ey were
covered in mould, !!
m’ah toe poked out
d’a left hand boot
n made m’a feet stink
like - an old cheroot,

A’h guess she was no sweet south belle,
but she sure was blind-
whid no sense ‘o smell.


author comment

She must have been both blind and dumb
Not to see they belonged to a crumb
Out in the gutter
She did mutter ~ Geez.

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