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The Things I Cannot Say

Open mouth to speak
But no words come out
Trapped inside, quivering
Hidden behind a silent shout

I cannot tell you that I love you
Because it will hurt too much
When I have to say goodbye
So I continue to lie

I cannot tell you that I hate you
When you choose her over me
Turning our passion
Into bitter memories

I cannot tell you that you're special
How you made me feel like a woman
And not just some man's play toy
I am forever grateful

I cannot tell you how I tried
To be the better choice
But all I have to give is me
And all the tears I've cried

Your hands in my hair
Staring face to face
Never have I wanted anyone more
But alas, the distance is there

Style / type: 
Free verse
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content
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The below is a computer generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

This poem captures the emotions of someone who is struggling to express their true feelings. The use of short, simple lines mirrors the speaker's difficulty in finding the right words to say. The repetition of "I cannot tell you" reinforces the theme of emotional suppression and the fear of vulnerability.

The contrast between the speaker's feelings of love and hate creates a sense of inner turmoil, and the line "Turning passionate moments/Into bitter memories" is particularly poignant. The final stanza is a powerful description of the physical desire the speaker feels, despite the barriers that prevent them from being together.

One possible line edit could be to change "Turning passionate moments/Into bitter memories" to "Turning our passion/Into bitter memories." This adds a personal connection between the speaker and the person they are addressing, emphasizing the loss of a specific relationship rather than just a general feeling of disappointment.

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I know you’re going through the feelings on this one. Those genuine emotions make really authentic poetry but damn if it doesn’t take a toll.

Hang in there,

I am definitely going through all the feelings and it's definitely taking a toll. Multiple situations. Thank you for the read and comment.


author comment

This elicits all those old feelings and fears from when I was single. Afraid to say anything for fear of rejection. Afraid to tell others what they mean to me so they cannot use it against me. I realize the feelings and fears that surfaced in me are not the same, yet, in ways, they are in that they silence us.

Beautifully done. Any time a poem can blend a reader's experiences with those that are written, it is doing its job... pulling the reader in.


You hit the nail on the head. Every time I open up, it is either used against me or I wind up being a big joke. My heart can't take it and neither can my mental health. Thank you for the read and comment.


author comment
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