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The Rescue

Some called her a rescue dog.
True, I adopted her from the local humane society.
The only home she had ever known was gone,
Her previous owner taken to a nursing home.
I found her there,
Huddled in a concrete-floored run,
Matted, tangled, with an overgrown coat,
And no eyes, it seemed, hidden under her bangs.
Truth to tell, she wasn’t much to see.
My heart ached for this little ink blot curled up on the floor.
She stood and crept to the gate where I stood.
Neck stretched out, she sniffed my hand.
I must have passed her test because she inched closer.
The tiniest pink tongue I had ever seen on a dog licked my fingers
Through the cold metal of the run,
And I was helpless to leave her.
Bathed, clipped and groomed, she proved to be
A beautiful miniature schnauzer,
Jet black but for a narrow white blaze on her chest,
With intelligent obsidian eyes revealed by the groomer’s art.
She felt soft and warm, and offered multiple affectionate cuddles.
Sitting beside me as I studied toward my long delayed degree,
She inched ever further into my lap
As though to study with me.
Some might call her a rescue dog,
The plain truth is, she rescued me
From loneliness and the grief of a failed marriage.
She brought me joy and hope and a reason to live.
We rescued each other and shared our lives and love
For the rest of her life.

Style / type: 
Free verse
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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Not Explicit Content
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The below is a computer-generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

The poem, "The Rescue," effectively uses narrative and emotive language to convey a story of companionship and mutual rescue between the speaker and a dog. The progression of the poem, from the initial encounter to the development of a deep bond, is well-structured and allows the reader to follow the narrative with ease.

However, the poem could benefit from more show, less tell. For instance, instead of directly stating "From loneliness and the grief of a failed marriage," the poet could use metaphor, simile, or other figurative language to convey these feelings. This would add a layer of complexity and depth to the poem, allowing readers to engage more with the text.

Additionally, the poem could make better use of sensory language. While there are some effective uses of sensory language, such as "She felt soft and warm, and offered multiple affectionate cuddles," there are opportunities to further immerse the reader in the experience. For example, the poet could describe the smell of the dog, the sound of her movements, or the feeling of her fur under the speaker's hands.

Finally, the last line, "For the rest of her life," feels somewhat abrupt. The poet could consider reworking this line to provide a more satisfying conclusion to the poem. This could be achieved by tying it back to earlier themes or images in the poem, or by using it to further emphasize the mutual rescue theme.

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this is so beautiful! all these wonderful details flowing to describe your falling into mutual true love! I could feel your joy as I read this poem out loud! there is nothing I would change, not a word!

*hugs, Cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

Thanks for taking time to read and comment, Candlewitch. I appreciate your opinion.

Thank you,
Mary Beth

Because your words have touched my heart,
I stopped to share a little part.
Be nice, supportive, kind to all
As we walk through this Poetry Hall.

author comment

Such an absolutely beautiful story. I relate to this as a lifelong pet owner. The connection is undeniable and the mutual emotional attachment is in many way a simpler and stronger bond than most of our human relationships.

Excellent storytelling

She was a very special little lady. I loved her dearly. Thank you for taking time to share in her story.

Thank you,
Mary Beth

Because your words have touched my heart,
I stopped to share a little part.
Be nice, supportive, kind to all
As we walk through this Poetry Hall.

author comment
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