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Editing - draft

Neopoet Challenge #17 I Turned Into A Savage

Neopoet Challenge #17 (topic 4)
I Turned Into A Savage

Life and Death

Life has always puzzled me
Time twisting and winding, flowing free
Past, Present, Future all blur into one
Filled with love and fear, pain and fun

Yet it's life that we are so afraid to surrender
For death is a mystery, and it does not give us splendour
To not know what is next, what Fate has in store
What will await you when you pass through the door?


With heavy skies and sun beginning to wane
He wanders alone lost upon a deep snowy plane
Rain falls gently freezing and blowing a small flurry
Looking around for a landmark trying not to hurry

The wind gusts sending a chill through his bones
He can’t find the marker he left; a small pile of stones
He feels panic and fear begins to boil inside
Despite his solitude; his frustration he tries hard to hide

A Gamblin' Man Meets The Devil...

Blue-white lightning across a midnight sky
tearing a hole in the heavens
The rain comes down in silvery sheets
and the bones roll lucky sevens

The Devil loves a loser, ya know
he takes everything you've got
So bet the pile on every throw
get it while the die are hot

Take the money and run, dear boy
Play those cards and bluff
It don't matter that you're doin' great
don't be thinkin' that you are tough


I was born a ruddy redhead Leo, a worshiper of you, dear sun.

My home faces east, and I wake early to greet you.

You nurtured me, as I played baseball in the streets, and waded in the creek. 

You waited for me patiently as I watched you through the classroom window, ticking off the days of June when I could join you once again. 

Too Deep...

Too Deep...

dusky dame of desires darkly
dabbling with death,
razor blade puncture kisses
soft porcelain skin
teasing touch
line is drawn
beads of blood
dripping wrist...
wound not closing
too deep!!!
arterial spray
all walls
crimson red
oh so weak
floor rising
soaking carpet
this time
too deep...

Summertime Blues... July Monthly Contest

A low and ragged voice
slid down the alley dim
It cupped his lonely ears
and it called to him

Her voice hit all the low notes
the double-bass was thrummin'
He saw her slow and sultry look
He thought that she was somethin'

She gave a little smile to him
as he crossed the floor
just a bit of promise there
and maybe something more

She sipped her drink with lucious lips
posed for him alone
He sucked it up and spent his wad
thought he would take her home

On The Street...

as I lay here dying
in a puddle
of my own blood.
I look to midnight's sky...
to stars and moon,
for answers
to their secrets,
a star winks at me.
mistress moon
keeps her own counsel...
as I abide my own.
should never
have been there
to slit his throat...
to awaken
a sleeping serpent
his love, slithering,
hissing words of poison
speaking vendetta
those words of hate
her blade in my back...
won't be long now
I shall breathe my last.

Me me me.

I hear what you’re saying
Thanks for your share
There’s a lot on your plate
but, I just don't care
my shit is way deeper
all the way to my eyes
I'm still treading water
keeping my eye on the prize
life seems to get worse
as the days fly on by
doesn't get any better
no matter how hard I try
we've all got problems
but mine are worse
your life is a gift
but mine is a curse
I live in America
the land of the free
it's not about you
it's all about me.


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