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Editing - draft

Higher and Higher

I've been on my back lately
I haven't tried getting up
I've embraced the tears
But enough is enough

I won't just get up now
I'll rise like a Phoenix
Shaking the ashes off
The life that I'll fix

I will not be passive
It is time to ravage
The fear inside me
I'll attack like a savage

Wipe the blood from my lip
Dust the dirt off my hands
For victory belongs to the one
Who runs, not who stands

I Swear, This is the Last I'll Write About You

More tears on these empty pages...

I can only write about you so much
before every page is flooded with
"I love you"
"I miss you"
"Come home"

Falling For My Therapist

In this place of dank, dark cold
brought on by despondency,
misery of matters murky and old.

History of abuses buried deep,
with gentle fingers, he guides...
dimming lights, bidding me sleep.

Hearing his soft mellow tones,
I feel my consciousnesses drift
to a time of pubescent woes and moans.

His voice is the anchor tethering me
to past present and future,
where I find answers to be.

Mistress in the Closet (by: eddy styx)

She is a perfumed breeze
swirling up to greet my seeking fingers,
in colors hues of soft pastels.

Pleasing to my senses,
her hypnotic scent lingers
silently permeating the air I breathe.

Although she is my captive,
somehow she bewitches me into believing
that I am her reason for breathing.

Witnessing her every movement,
I am absolutely lost by conceiving
daydreams constant and forever.

Sarasota Bay



I never swam with a manatee

nor have I been kayaking

in a Florida paradise,

but my sister has.

I envy her and love her.

She is a robotics nurse – “top gun”

If I were to ask her

what she thinks about sharks

she would say, “Watch out!”


There are a thousand rainbows

My Talk with Vincent Van Gogh

I stood at the museum wall
And gazed upon the paintings there.
Powerful strokes and mighty lines
Showing me what the artists share.

I stood as one frozen in time,
And tried to contact Van Gogh’s heart.
"Dearest Vincent, master fine,
You rewrote the world’s view on art.

Tell me why you turned your back on
The traditions, set and followed
By those the art world built upon.
Your works upset their rules, hallowed."

Dragon Dawn...

Dragon's breath tainted with gold
a piece of fair maid in his teeth.
Snoring lightly, blowing smoke rings
resembling holiday wreaths.

Green and bronze scales, so pretty
burnished by the sun,
glisten in the dawn of tomorrow
seeing his enemies run.

Awaken, continue your terror,
stretch your wings out and fly
Scorch the earth, make it ashes
seeing your enemy's cry

Black are the shadows of flight,
wings that quiver and float,
winging over the castle,
see the bridge down over the moat.


I see you there glowing,

like an angel in a darkened sky,

gentle as I ever seen.

I bow my head before your eyes.

But alas, you are sleeping,

And your eyes are closed.

It’s just a figment of my imagination,

you were there you really were.

I see no sense in what you are.

To me you are the most wonderful creature,

and maybe you truly are an angel,

H8mongers Need Not Apply

Take your hate-filled rhetoric and hide under a rock with it.
We don't want you here
If you don't have a willingness to help build.
Take your emotional demolition derby elsewhere.
I will not drink the purple Kool-Aid
You offer so loudly.
I will not sip at your fountain of hate.
Until you can teach love,
You have no lesson to share.
Until you can share an uplifting message,
I will not hear your words.
True leaders do not destroy,
They construct good things for their followers.


My stomach turns
At the memory of loving you

I mistook the pain
For butterflies


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