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Editing - draft

Spring Ain't Tomorrow...

Devastated with the news of
a late winter storm and black ice,
I was tempted to re hibernate
for the duration

Sweet little child of April,
the spring loaded cherub
of warmer weekends,
I was fooled by the sunshine

Woe is me... the jester grins dark,
and sweet April, mildly amused
promises to love me
next week.

Vampire III

Vampire III

Levitating, He took to the air
and I, with Him, in His arms.
Soon we had arrived at my domicile

we reluctantly parted as I entered.
He bade me, "invite me in." I did so
Retiring to my private bed chamber.

our eyes met in a fathomless depth
His face changing
lips parting, as He drew me in...

White as snow, fangs extruding
biting down hard on my tender neck
I swooned with the shock of it all!

Vampire II

Pacing the paved path as,
I had done the previous night
awaiting my dark acquaintance.

It was moon rise when He appeared
He bade me to sit on the white bench.
Taking my hand to assist me.

I sat, my eyes taking Him in,
Tall, about six foot four, and pale,
with the most piercing green eyes.

I'd had warning not to look too deep
into the pits of Hell, smoldering.
but I was not glamoured by sight!

April Foolish

While strolling down this grassy lane
at a lovely slow meandering pace,
when who should I spot, but a brown Rabbit
decked out in tails, I then gave mad chase...

In his tux, dogging obstacles,
closely I followed, eager to catch him.
I was near, but he vanished down a hole
on his heels, standing at the holes brim

Without thought, I threw myself in.
Down, down, down, down I was ever falling,
hitting the ground upside down with a thump
Rabbit to my right, I began calling

Quarter Moon Waning (by: eddy styx)

I am on target,
trembling in
anticipation brewing.
I fear a tempest
on the horizon.
Clouds pregnant
with tears not shed
perhaps, if...
I run fast enough,
far enough,
I can out distance them?
Staring into the black
of night, only
the faint light of
the quarter moon
meets my eye.
It clicks in.
By this light
I shall hunt...
When I howl,
they will be aware
knowing not what
to expect
as the blood
begins to stir!

The Rescue

Some called her a rescue dog.
True, I adopted her from the local humane society.
The only home she had ever known was gone,
Her previous owner taken to a nursing home.
I found her there,
Huddled in a concrete-floored run,
Matted, tangled, with an overgrown coat,
And no eyes, it seemed, hidden under her bangs.
Truth to tell, she wasn’t much to see.
My heart ached for this little ink blot curled up on the floor.
She stood and crept to the gate where I stood.
Neck stretched out, she sniffed my hand.

Don't Look a Gift Horse in The Mouth

Although the night was cold
And the rain poured down
The crafty old fox, still felt bold.
He put up with the weather
Because he thought he was clever.
So, he conjured up a plan –
Living nearby was a horse called Gift.
The fox kept his eye, on the horse for a while
Whilst licking his lips – he was hungry, they were dry.
The horse was as fit as a fiddle
Because of the grass he ate - healthy greens.
The fox with white socks and red fur
Could also eat grass but meat he preferred

Spring Comes

Fields of springy clover
beneath my barefoot toes,
dance-happy feet kick up
a delight everyone knows!

Green, green all around,
a heart full of joys untold
rolling over and over in
nature's paradise hold!

In gardens of my growing hopes
tulips, buttercups and crocus
flourish healthily blossoming,
as Spring comes into focus.

Illusion of Equality

Anger coursing through my veins
At the injustices that surround
'Equality for all' a fine idea
One that the world resounds

I suppose it's equality at work
When you look at the labor force
Instead of looking any better
The statistics are looking worse

A man curses in public
He is applauded, but
A girl says the same thing
And she's dubbed a slut

Parents teach their boys
To fight for themselves
The girls are trained
To wish their bullies well

Hello From Mother Nature...

You would think by my destruction
of your little domicile
That I don't care for you
my little ragged child

But it's not true, I love you
you've just gotten in my way
I'm blowing out the bad air
built up from yesterday

What you don't understand
is, I'm cleaning up the mess
the stuff that makes me dirty
clinging to my dress

You pollute my sparkling oceans
trash is eaten by my fishes
You leave garbage everywhere
served on plastic dishes


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