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The Grandfather Clock

As the pendulum swings, the alarm bells ring
Time is ticking away
His days may be numbered, with this house he is lumbered
But he’s grateful for one more day

The grandfather clock, like a stoic old man
Stands there for all to see
His face almost clear, bar a couple of smears
Pretends all is well but you’ll see

To his left is a space, that was filled, now is void
Of a clock that was just as unique
The grandmother clock, ceased to tick-tock
In for repair went the wooden antique

Counting down the days, till they’re back together
With precision that sometimes goes wrong
He may lose track of time, by falling behind
With adjustments he’s then realigned

His face an enigma, gives nothing away
But always tells you the time
He’s been there for years, but won't forever stay
He'd still tell you he’ll outlive his chimes

They weren’t always in sync, he and his spouse
They’d clash and confuse passers-by
But the space that now lies, in this grand mansion house
Is less calm than their contrasting chimes

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As an experiment, we are using a leading large language model (in other words, AI) to provide critiques of poems that were posted recently. Please let us know what you think.

Computer critique:

"The Grandfather Clock" is a rhymed verse poem that employs personification to create a vivid and engaging portrait of a grandfather clock, its partner (the grandmother clock), and their relationship. The poem utilizes an ABAB rhyme scheme and rich imagery, making it enjoyable and memorable for the reader.

The poem begins by setting the scene of the grandfather clock in a house, ticking away the time and grateful for another day. The personification of the clock as an old man adds a layer of depth and intrigue, inviting the reader to consider the clock's emotions and experiences.

The poem goes on to explore the relationship between the grandfather clock and the now-absent grandmother clock. The couple's separation is described through the metaphor of the grandmother clock being taken for repair. This adds a sense of longing and anticipation for the clocks' eventual reunion, further deepening the emotional complexity of the poem.

Throughout the poem, the author effectively uses imagery to create a vivid and engaging portrait of the grandfather clock and its surroundings. Phrases such as "the alarm bells ring," "the wooden antique," and "his face an enigma" contribute to the poem's rich visual landscape, making the reader feel as if they are standing in the room with the clock.

One of the poem's strengths is its ability to evoke emotions through the personification of the clocks. The reader is invited to empathize with the grandfather clock's feelings of longing and anticipation for his partner's return, as well as the bittersweet understanding that their time together is finite.

In conclusion, "The Grandfather Clock" is a memorable and engaging poem that employs personification and rich imagery to create a vivid portrait of a grandfather clock, its partner, and their relationship. The poem's ABAB rhyme scheme and emotional depth make it enjoyable for the reader, and the author's use of imagery and personification invites the reader to consider the emotions and experiences of the clocks themselves.

Wow that's impressive. Was not expecting that. Didn't know there was such technology. Very clever! Love it.

author comment

Hello, Michael,
A unique poem! Very witty, yet loving and compassionate. Really enjoyed reading from start to finish.

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