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The End of Genesis

About six thousand years ago
The sun didn’t shine and the moon didn’t glow
But now there’s a race on mobile phones
What the future holds, nobody knows

We know where we are but we don’t know why
We’re amazed as we gaze at the moonlit sky
A sense of wonder and a sense of fear
So, we mask our pain with God-given beer

About two thousand years ago
Jesus came with a crown, but had no throne
It was made of thorns not made of gold
Since those days, the myths been told

About four-hundred years ago
The crowd grew wise and the story got old
The race progressed, it’s the after glow
From the bang that was big, yes now we know!

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There may be some Christians on this site but i doubt most are. Basically this is about the evolution of wisdom from believing an old book to still not knowing everything, but knowing a bit more, or the progress of science / the human race
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Something that has been occuring since the beginning of time, long before there was ever a book. This was well written, descriptive and tastefully done. Good job.


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