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God's Gold

Crossing external boundaries,
Surely comprehending reality.
Open your eyes to see, open your eyes to believe.

Too much love to discover,
finding light inside.
No where to run nor hide.
Something real, that’s for sure.

Crossing boundaries of beauty and shame.
Holding sundries
of mitigating pain.

I’ve let corruption cloud my sight,
Impeding my nature and will to fight.
The strength I have now is freely given.
For all of my sins have been forgiven.


The carpenter dresses his plank, the tongue of his
foreplane whistles its wild ascending lisp…
              --Walt Whitman


On day one, the fecund smell of that first steaming bucket of earth, like what the Lord enjoyed in at His work on the second day; its resonant FWUMP upon the empty bed of the dump truck. Next, the sweet fragrance of a rich batch of concrete, rattling down the chute.


Love, see what you made me do
After I have opened my door for you,
You stole everything from me without a trace;
It seemed I was dreaming when I realized
It was you who made me do this.
Why did you make me a slave of someone?
And a bunch-bag of thought?

Native Skies...

Dark black with silver twinkles
deep-space musings of alone
giving rise in the darkness
to a low and trembling moan

Silver threads of meteors
stitched across the sky
make pictures, connect the dots
for animals in his eye

A Scorpion and the Wolf
Raven and the Bear
taking shape in his mind
from tales that shamans share

All alone in the wilderness
he will be a man
dwarfed by the sky and tales
that sprang up from the land


She is a dream wife
Her who is instinctive
Whose life is progressive

She is a dream wife
Her who is proactive
Whose senses are positive

She is a dream wife
Her who is persuasive
Whose care is attentive

She is a dream wife
Her who is generative
Whose present is curative

She is a dream wife
Her who is motivative
Whose words are motive

She is a dream wife
Her who is intuitive
Whose feelings are impressive

Cast Iron

Old Cast iron skillet
Black singularity
With all the density to boot

Home resides on blue flame
Houses newly hot oil
Now liquifying ginger root

Today some greens sautéed
Blanched well and set aside
Are darkened green, and crimson veined

While resting there they sit
Chicken is thrown to the pan
The searing sound, gourmet refrain

As the heat increases
Thigh and cutlet brown fast
The house begins to salivate

Drifting Bliss

I’ve been cross-examined and scrutinized,
somewhat morally crucified.
By those I thought were true friends.
Happiness and bliss were always taken for granted.
I asked question, expecting answers.
Foolish as I was, my drink was also tainted.
Believe what you hear, see, and/or read.
This gross compilation is all a part of me.
The raging storms in my soul still burn,
making my anger twist and return.
My blood runs chilled through my veins,
and these thoughts that I have; I should not entertain.

Mind Reader

They say I can read minds
I'm not so sure

But I do know I can tell what she is thinking
When we near Esimed street as her jaw tightens and fingers loosen slightly
on the steering wheel

Her sadness feels like gravity doubled
Like a wound in saltwater, like ink in my veins
“It’s okay to remember,” I say
“Stop reading my mind,” she mutters as we drive away from the cemetery
“I’m not,” I whisper

They say I can read minds
I'm not so sure


An Autumn Come Home
You made me feel
as the young woman indeed
in the Garden of Eden
nude absolutely

No fear of Adam’s
he was meant to sow tears

But youth has since evaded
we have been with burden loaded

The leaves and petals
have all withered away
come autumn now our way
smear all fragrance away
all colorful hues go too
whom, does autumn bare
as if she was another one
of his private ware

Storms Kill...

Killer fell into the doorway
of the weather-beaten shack
Dry wind sucked the breath from him
and the storm fed on his track

He dragged his bedroll behind him
shut the door and latched it
His strength had gone long ago
the desert wind had snatched it

His thirst for retribution
brought him to the desert
The heat had taken his water
his throat was dry and hurt

A storm of huge proportions
sand carried in the air
Stuffed his nose and blinded him
it was everywhere!


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