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Editing - draft

Nothing Is Wrong...

My mind destroyed by the effort
of making sense of truth
I think about what should I say
of today's unbridled youth

All for lack of a message
I do not hear what they may say
it's shrouded by entitlement
Is this the modern way?

Give them an A for effort
a trophy for being there
Doesn't anyone ever fail?
If they do, I don't know where

Failure is not an option
but neither is a win
Because no one wants to lose
the race the world has put us in

Old Copper Coins

We're tying up memories to sell, but the rope we use is frail
We stole it from our childhood tire swing
'Cause now we're older and we've got no time for games
But is it worth it? Just for a gain?

Last spring they poisoned the soil
Cause we were stealing what we thought was free
But it turns out in life that there's always a price if you wanna take the fruit from the tree

Where Are Those Mormons When you Need Them?...

I've fallen and I can't get up!
I think it's the result of a massage gone wrong
The newest Typo Maniac Anonymous Magazine
Fell with me, but even that sucks
Because my glasses are on the table!

No one will come looking for me
Until Tuesday, so here I am waiting
The kids are all at grandma's
While my cell-phone is upstairs on charge
Damn these three day weekends!


robin in clean mud.
flap your wings, hungry sounds - choir
above remains dry.


All it takes is one little sign to rapidly switch your mood
It takes one thought, one signal
Oh how so fragile you are
I enjoy breaking you into bits and pieces

Golden Pond...

Gold fish swim lazy
Still pools of deep dark water
Cherry blossoms bloom

Recent News Story... Random Challenge #3

Recent News Story...

A tiger roaming the streets
Has come to a satisfactory end
Not sure of how you would greet
a tiger, is he a friend?

Pursued and searched for, for a week
Afraid he'd attack on the prowl
Then people began to speak
Of the big cat who let out a growl

They tracked him down by the gossip
Took him under arrest
Told him they wanted no lip
And said it was for the best

Evolution (according to a robin chick)

You, little robin chick
Resting au nest at solstice
Wing off riding to the music of freedom
Mother shouts erratic verse;
Vocals of ancestry

Don’t even say good-bye
As you land on frond pillows
Return address unknown
Chirping change on a countryside festival

Evening sky, low flight navigation
your future - meandering discoveries
Pass it on…

Mission Impossible... Random Challenge #3

They said it was impossible
I said that it was not
They said that I was dreaming
I said "But, she's so hot!"

She's a real dark beauty
I wish that she were mine
Long, sleek and so smooth
She's so very fine

She grew up in the country
Under a blazing sun
All the boys were drooling
She was hot and oh so fun

She was ripe and really ready
I was waiting for the chance
But I was also nervous
And I began to dance

What’s happiness?

Adjusting my mask every morning is what I call happiness.
The kind of happiness that no one understands,
The kind of happiness that prevents my demons from attacking in the night.

They say to be happy and strong,
But nobody knows the weight silence holds,
Or when it’ll stop eating the air I breathe.

My heart is running dry as time goes on.
There is no shoulder to cry on,
No mother to cry on, No sister to cry on, Nobody to cry on.


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