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Editing - draft

The Collector

i am not matter - i feed on flesh
a bird ever frozen in flight
i am eternal infinite night
you can't escape the breathless cage
whose bars will never stretch that far
stars dead a million years ago
send only echoes of their light

The Waiting Game...

I will be right over
is what he says to me
About an hour later
or maybe it is three

I watch him stop to pet the dog
wave at the neighbor to say hi
He's late, but he won't jog
I'm so mad that I could cry!

She's busy at the moment
But just as soon as she is done
we'll get to what we have to
and do it on the run

What about the time I spend
waiting just for you?
I have to shit, you little twit
What am I supposed to do?

the mind of peace

The things that comes to mind for the things I have to find blind, the odds against a dream that seems to be deemed a mind of greatness a savvy way of living for what god is giving. The mind over matter as life chatters across the land of life, to live for love far above a broken heart to find love in the dark to live is an art form to weather the storm to live in the norm a formality of a personality to walk casually among life itself, to be happy for good health, the stealth of highlands to take a quick glance of life to live through time.

Brew Of Vengeance (by: eddy styx) edited

burning you
in effigy
sounds so very
good to me...

so why not burn you
in the flesh?
I'll be fanning the flame to
keep it fresh

your kind of affection
I have found;
is like cold ashes
on the ground.

I've packed my bags
and pulled up stakes,
I'll leave you to
the rattlesnakes!

*this poem was written by my malevolent, murderous, MALE alter ego, eddy styx


You've sunk too low you've sunk too far,
Your eyes are streaming, you’re falling apart.
Restless nights are spent waiting for his call,
anticipation turns to frustration and so many tears fall.
He'll use you, he’ll abuse you,
but he's never frightened that he will lose you.
Because he knows you will be lonely tonight,
sitting on the window sill gazing into the moonlight.

Next Time I Take A Taxi... [Random Challenge 2]

Next time I take a taxi
I'll ask about my friends
I'll ask if this one, that one
Have come to employment's end?

Is Paul still driving Mondays
How about that skinny girl
You know that one named Marcy
How about old Earl?

I miss the same old faces
Some customers have died
There was that kid from rehab
He was always fried

I used to love to drive them
I liked the job just fine
I miss seeing those faces
Like to think they're missing mine

Message From My Mother

I know you might think I am gone,
haunted in your dreams
by the sad complaints
of night-dark crows

But with these hands
I have built so many things
Our family, our friends,
our happiness and joy
You still have all of these

Your memory of the smile in my eyes
assures that time will chase away
the ghosts of your pain.

I will find you again in your thoughts
so we can laugh together,
and know that tomorrow
there will be a sky full of sun

Unknown Fame

Unknown fame
The red-carpet rolls unto the halls
Bleeding feet and worn-out clothes.
No flashing lights, no fans speak your name.
No mounting of cheers or a round of applause.

Just the echo of silence
As dust settles on your trophy.
Is this what you worked so hard for
With no help or guidance.

A lifetime of love has been but defiled.
For where are they now?
All that you were promised.
Now the memory of it all as a child.

Charcoaled Burgers... [April contest]

The smell of burgers cooking
you know the ones I mean
The ones that smell like charcoal
to a nose that's keen

Reminds me of my Rugby
the days we used to play
While walking by the river
every other Sunday

I will always remember
the first day that we went
We blew off steam and wrestled
the day was heaven sent

A burger at the B.K.s
he told them the order in dog
The girls were taken with him
they were all agog


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