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Editing - draft


I am your God
Cause I sit on your heads
And smash your backs
And there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Your opinions are worthless to me
Your feelings are beneath my feet
I am still your president
I know what is good for you.

I am your God and your president
Who dare challenges me
Yesterday you cried for common whips
Today comes a red hot metal.

I am your president
I put democracy in my armpit
You dare not talk
You dare not become a meal for those beasts.

Line and Circle 2.0

What cut me in half?
I was a rolling tire
Leaving too many tread marks
On the backs that got too close.

Oh, how I mistook the Messiah;
Ring marks and
Broken wedding rings.
Misdirected by the Hungry Ghost.

Allergic to mirrors and responsibility;
Just a half circle on its back.
Fill me with ice cream and give me a lolly.
Oh, how I annoyed even myself.

A return to your kiss; a
Warm wet circle that
Tattoos a promise on my chest.
My heart and a second chance beneath.

Take a Bite

An ecstasy of needing.
Overwhelmingly seeking.
How great are the first demands?

The feel of warm skin
Sparks the embers within.
How pure is a Mother's love?

The scars and skinned knees.
That stinger; fear of bees!
How true are the lessons we learn?

Love found and then lost.
All the lies and their cost.
How dear is the price we pay?

That peace can be found
By removing one's crown.
How sweet is accepting the truth?

The Knave of Hearts...

Time plods on behind the scenes
barely noticed until milestones
are dropped in the dust of our dreams
Halt! Who goes there?

Shadows of what was, does it matter?
Look over your shoulder
see him grinning, a Mad-Hatter
He's right behind you

Alice has got nothing on me
I am the Knave of Hearts
I've loved the Queen
and I've stolen her tarts

Blameless, she suspects nothing
Still, and more still...
as dreams were and are now
My hurt intact, she uses me to kill

Dancing With Rabbits (Expanded)

A wriggled nose invitation
To dance into myself.
A shout of joyous salvation.

Dappled skin;
What a grin!

Rebirth is the
Season and Reason,
Jump in!

With a splash and a spray,
The happy whiskers
Carry me away.

To the fountain within.

Neopoet Random Challenge #7...

No! I've missed the last fuel stop!
Eager to make time, I blew it
Oh, I hope that I have enough to make it
Perhaps I will, if I drive steady
Okay, just take it slow
Easy does it, ignore
Those butterflies in my stomach
Dot the I's
Call on your inner reserves
Omit any doubts and
Make sure the desert doesn't get you

No Juice or Jam (Running on Empty Challenge)

I am hungry but my
Meal hides in the moment.

Fear siphons power to play
War games without consent.

I am bunkered in the crippling confines
of a broken nervous system.

Why can't I lift Thor's hammer
To forge an escape?

Worthiness requires capacity
In this callous world.

God I'm so tired!
Freeze to survive is what I do.

A breath tips me forward,
Please don't trip.
This fucking treadmill !

I am starving but my
Salvation hides in the moment.


Talons dig deep.
To where the truth resides
No hiding; no kid gloves — only

Just like... [September Contest using poetic devices]

Allusion for Mark's Contest... [Not the title]

I fell upon him, no "paper tiger"
Slashing with my clawed hands
Ripping with my teeth
Lapping blood

Getting fat as "Mama Cass"
Thick in the waist
Double chinned
Bigger in the ass

The hunting was good
Prey was "slow as molasses"
On a cold winter's day
And I needed a Challenge

Feeling the hunger
I find myself a victim
Kneeling at the altar of darkness
"Like a monk at Vespers"

Crayon Lines

Where is my line?

What is you?
What is me?

Where is the threat?
Where do I step?

My lines get drawn in crayon.


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