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Editing - draft

He's Amused...

The room is dimly lit
He waits quiet for his muse
She's out there having a good time
He's asked, but she's refused

He said, Come and play with me
I need your input now
She's like, I'm not ready yet
Stop having such a cow

I'll get there when I'm ready
You've got nothing else to do
I'll have a story when I'm done
He knows that it is true

When the Curtain Falls

When the day washes into the sea
you dance all about
in the pastures of your mind
where twilight daisies are found
reaching for thoughts
of pirouettes
and spinning toy tops.

Do not awaken, love,
from lightless skies
but rather feel comfort
about your desire
of unfamiliar cravings.

Nighttime child frantic
turn and moan
from solitude into fire
runs barefoot innocence
frenzied, into unclarity
to sunshine for the night…

The Archaeologist

Our parent’s divorce was bitter
We were so young then
It left scars; some seem small now,
but they bled fear, unhappiness, and uncertainty at the time

Other injuries were deeper, and left marks that echo
through all of their children to this day
The times I recall our parents being happy together
are shrouded in the mists of fading memories now

Going through my mother’s things after she passed,
the saddest of all archaeology tasks,
I found an old leather purse, and a photo of them
when they were good for each other

The Way I See It

People tend to overlook
The beauty of sun
The fact of the matter is
Some people may never
See another one

It's more than just colours
In the sky
But more like the way
Angels fly

The sunset reminds me of
A pallet of paint
Not one is ever
Quite Acquaint

It could be as simple
As 2 colours mixed
Or all the colours in
The world at
My fingertips

The beauty of the
Sunset is one thing
I'll never pass by
Its peaceful
Just watching
The sky

Alligators in a Sewer

It was a seven footish prehistoric reptilian sewer fish.
Illegal it was, a greenish pet, tied in a cess of a pool with a dish.
He was no bish, but a huge bass-tard, held at bay for many a year.
Nobody knew, else they might sue, knowing the situation as queer.

I never saw the elk today
Stupid beasts they are
Why did it get in my way?
It went and wrecked my car

The animal dead and cooling
An awful crash, I hit my head
Now I'll have to be car-pooling
I'm glad that sumbitch is dead!

Oh shit... Don't tell me now
I've fallen in the locker
The door got shut on me somehow
Now I'm a dead mo'foker

I kicked and heaved a bit
Got me free at last
Now where the fock was I?
The time's gone by so fast

The Way I see It... [March Contest]

The way I see it, you can't go wrong
It's like drinking beer and eating chips
Or maybe it's wine, and wearing a thong
Being filled with gas and letting one rip

Looking at the world, with champagne glasses
Being straight arrow or crooked, bent
Follow your heart, or the middle masses
Be a Superman or a wimpy Clark Kent

Stare at the world with an evil eye
Smiling, love all and everyone
Eat raw fish, ice cream, pizza-pie
Tell them you're finished before you are done

Nemesis (rhyme shop)

Nine eleven - is our designation
retribution is our aim
through selective regeneration
our collective lays the blame.

Your culture is - inefficient
you must adapt or die
your protests are - irrelevant
in time you will comply.

Our mission is - self-justified
our perfection will persist
we have the force - on our side
it is futile to resist.

Self-defence - is our cause
our best defence - attack
with revenge the only recourse
we will assimilate Iraq.

Lauds (Rhyme Patterns Workshop)

Received but not compelled,
I presented myself with the others.
No missals tendered, nor withheld
Some riffled through them to incant
into the dark. Coughing, shuffling brothers
sat themselves below. We watched aslant.

From silence, words started - incoherence
In the balcony, we did not chant.
The weighted hymns stayed low and belled.
Obscure arising, slipstreams of spirants

Charged (rhyme patterns workshop)

Grey-blue eyes
capture photons
scattered from your form.

Cool skin
senses infra-red
feeling warm.

And tho our atoms
are mostly space

when we embrace
we do not merge
like ghostly wraiths.

Our attraction
may be impulsive

yet our electrons
remain repulsive.


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