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Piccalilli on Rye.

I quite like plastic sandals,
dick shaped candles,
and big assed women in my bed,

I like artistic folks and dirty jokes
and piccalilli on rye bread,

I like big gay men and Tony Benn
loud mouthed scousers and Steevv-en, Fry,
I like The small faces and whisky chasers
and come home Lassie - made me cry!!

I like the upturned curl
of shitting dog lip
the hurl and swirl
of big girl hip.,,,

(Deeeep breath)

I like Bevelled slick edges
and reeaal eeaasy slopes
chilli dip wedges
with fresh artichokes
wanton loose wenches
and swivel hipped whores
daft dawgs and dentures
and granddad - - who snores...

('nuther breath)


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Not Explicit Content


gone for a couple more verses of that! Odd stuff, but curiously refreshing. A rhyme that tells about who you are and the things that you like. Nothing that I would change and certainly a piece that could go on for quite some time. ~ Geez.

This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place

Hiya, geez,
"Odd stuff", I'll take that!
I read somewhere- from someone, who sounded like he knew what he was talking about,

and I quote,
"If you can't be good, be different",
well,,,,, guess what I'm having a pop at?

Cheers, Obi.

author comment

guess what? I think that you are having it both ways! I like that that you can follow the lines' rhythm and hear the music to that infamous song in your head. ~ Geez.

This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place

So different than mine :-) I should try to write one in your style! Hmmmmm......

Thank you, Sir.
Its much appreciated.

As for style,

it must be wooden,
slightly damp,
and ever so slippy.


author comment

nice work. love to see good rhythm

We share some common tastes.....

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