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Celebrate the Year image prompt

Here comes a New Year’s Resolution
I fill my heart with a sense of gratitude
that life teaches me the meaning of sharing
Live and strive for the best that I can be
to learn and grow with an understanding
from the wisdom and knowledge
look beyond the past with valuable lessons
Embrace the precious moments
to make 2024 a special new fresh start off
A spectacular and remarkable one
like the sparkling champagne
that brings a sweet wine taste
spread the seed of love and joy
Count every second as a blessing to all
Form a unique memory that lives forever

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The below is a computer-generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

The poem presents a strong theme of self-improvement and gratitude, which is fitting for a New Year's Resolution. However, it could benefit from a more consistent use of imagery and metaphor to enhance its emotional impact.

For example, the line "like the sparkling champagne that brings a sweet wine taste" is a vivid image that could be expanded upon. Perhaps the poet could compare the process of self-improvement to the process of champagne being made, or the sweetness of the wine to the sweetness of achieving personal goals.

In terms of structure, the poem seems to lack a consistent rhythm or rhyme scheme. While free verse is a valid style of poetry, the use of rhythm or rhyme can make a poem more memorable and impactful. The poet could consider revising the poem with a particular meter or rhyme scheme in mind.

The poem also contains a few phrases that could be clarified or simplified. For instance, "Count every second is a blessing to ALL" could be rephrased to "Count every second as a blessing for all" for better readability.

Lastly, the poem could benefit from a more focused narrative or progression. It begins with a resolution, but it's not clear what specific actions the speaker plans to take to achieve their goals. The poet could consider adding more specific details or examples to make the speaker's journey more tangible and relatable to the reader.

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I wish everyone had your attitude about life!

*merry and happy... Cat

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