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I am Falling For My Therapist

A skipping of a heartbeat
seeking for the lust of quest
under the spell of
the enchanting flirtatious
with his delicate finger running
through my hair and a sparkling
smile that takes my breath away
from the irresistible charm
as he brings butterflies to my stomach
and makes my legs feel weak
His sense of witty humor
comes with every therapy session
fills with laughter and pleasure
his gaze of exchange look
embrace with an ecstatic
that sends joy to the body
with passionate desire kisses
from the luscious lips
with his exude of presence
love is in the air that comes to
with the confession
that I am falling for my
in the sweet fantasy dream

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The below is a computer-generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

The poem "I am Falling For My Therapist" does a commendable job of exploring the complex emotions associated with developing feelings for a therapist. The use of vivid imagery and metaphors helps to convey the speaker's feelings in a compelling way.

However, there are a few areas that could be improved for clarity and impact.

1. The poem could benefit from more consistent punctuation to guide the reader through the lines. For instance, the line "A skipping of a heartbeat" could use a comma at the end to indicate a pause before moving on to the next line.

2. The line "seeking for the lust of quest" is somewhat unclear. The use of "lust" and "quest" together is a bit confusing. It might be more effective to simplify this line to something like "seeking a quest" or "longing for a quest".

3. The poem could also benefit from more varied sentence structures. Most lines start with "with" or "his", which can make the poem feel repetitive. Mixing up the sentence structures could make the poem more engaging.

4. The line "fills with laughter and pleasure" could be more specific. What exactly is being filled with laughter and pleasure? The therapy session, the room, the speaker's heart? Providing more specific details can make the imagery more vivid and impactful.

5. The final line "in the sweet fantasy dream" could be more connected to the rest of the poem. As it stands, it feels a bit disconnected from the previous lines. It might be more effective to tie this line back to the therapist or the speaker's feelings for the therapist.

Overall, the poem does a good job of conveying the speaker's feelings, but could be improved with more specific details, varied sentence structures, and more consistent punctuation.

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Hello, Hon,
That is some sweet fantasy dream! Very nice. I believe you mean "under the spell of..." instead of "under the spelling of..."
Thank you!

Yes, sorry for the typo.

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