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M like an M

M is like an M. She fall, She stands, She fights.
M is like an apple, sour and sweet.
M is the person of taste, and good fashion.

M is like an M.
Jacob is like a whirlpool, always dark. And twisted.

Her parents are divided.
She hates him.
He loves him.

He thinks, that Jacob will love M just like He should.
She thinks, that She is too good, for his twisted mood.

While M is quiet.

Jacob is on the stage.
Fans around him everywhere.
Jacob is quiet.

He stands in front of the stage, He kneels down. He prays.
His lips touch the ground of the stage .
She smiles, and.
Everything is ok.

He is one again in love with her.

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that you are right, it is a little rough.
I'm thinking that you need to eliminate that first line and combine what is left of the two sections.
Maybe something like:

M is like an apple, sour and sweet
Jacob is like a whirlpool, always dark and twisted
M is a person of taste and refinement

Then you seem like you have it down, until I get to:

He stands in front of the stage, he kneels down, he prays.
I think that it might be smoothed out by condensing again.

He kneels on the front of the stage... he prays.
His lips touch the stage
She smiles and
Everything is ok.

Once again, he loves her.

As always, you can use, twist or lose my advice and comments. ~ Geezer.

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