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I am getting old

I carry the wisdom seed
from the nurturing mind
of own integrity display
Through the path of journey life

Each sunrise I count the blessing
from the days bring me to see
maturity grows in me
with a self-paced discovery

Despite I am young at heart
In the mirror of portray
With the instinct aglow in me
Showcase kindness to others

Reflect true beauty advice
bring a smile to the face
with each chapter
highlight page

Create a form of
spectacular memory
of individual pride to be
from the aging reflection scenery

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The below is a computer-generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

The poem "I am getting old" effectively uses a variety of poetic devices to convey the speaker's introspective journey through aging. However, there are areas where the poem could benefit from further refinement.

1. Clarity: Some lines are somewhat difficult to understand due to the syntax and word choices. For example, "of own integrity display" and "Through the path of journey life" could be rephrased for clarity. The meaning of these lines could be clearer if the syntax were more conventional.

2. Consistency: The poem seems to fluctuate between more abstract and more concrete imagery. For instance, "I carry the wisdom seed" is a metaphorical statement, while "Each sunrise I count the blessing" is more literal. It might be beneficial to maintain a consistent level of abstraction throughout the poem.

3. Punctuation: The poem lacks punctuation, which can make it challenging to understand the intended pauses and emphasis. Incorporating punctuation could help guide the reader's interpretation.

4. Rhyme and Rhythm: The poem does not seem to follow a consistent rhyme scheme or rhythm. If this is intentional, it could be made more effective by ensuring that the breaks in pattern serve a specific purpose.

5. Theme Development: The theme of aging is well introduced, but could be further developed. The poem could delve deeper into the speaker's feelings about aging, their experiences, and how these have shaped their perspective.

6. Word Choice: Some phrases, like "In the mirror of portray" and "With the instinct aglow in me," could benefit from more precise word choices to convey the intended meaning more clearly.

In conclusion, the poem has a strong thematic foundation and uses interesting imagery, but could benefit from improvements in clarity, consistency, punctuation, rhythm, theme development, and word choice.

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