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this gray sweater

I purchased this sweater some months ago
A grey crew neck with a strange logo;
the name of a fictional school, in a fictional show
where I watched fictional love between fictional people grow

I purchased this sweater hoping when worn-
I may feel the warmth of this love
I hoped that the fabric's soft touch
may bring me comfort on winter nights
spent alone

Time Flies So Quickly

In every wind that blows
Whither the leaves flee for aid
To a place than all beside more sweet
Where there is a calm, a sure retreat.

From every swelling tide of woes
Brighter vision beam afar,
Like the natal star
That shows the gifts of mystic meaning.

Another year rolls by,
The time flies so quickly by;
Why friends are falling down dead?
When they are standing on the brink of life;
If I'm called home this season,
Should I ask, this year which is to pass by
In a gentle and pleading voice.

The Timeless Children

Could he be back ? We don't know but the Christmas is a time for magic :)

Rain Vision

Peering through the lattice chains
Of transformed lucent windowpanes;
The pelting water blurs my view
Of lights down on the avenue.

Racing droplets filled with light,
From flashing neon signs at night;
All sparkle, bubbling up like soap,
As jewels in a kaleidoscope.

Pounding torrents fast then slow,
That splatter, splashing to and fro;
Cause panes of glass to smear and streak,
While moisture levels reach their peak.

Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost

each day I wait for you
to pick me up from school.
as other kid's parents come for them,
but I am a small figure alone; a little lost fool...

are you sick again,
drinking from that flask?
I have tried to help you
usually failing at this task.

mommy, please, Please come for me!
I am so very weary of my fears!
have you forgotten me again?
I cry every night, choking on my tears.

Dreamer's Moon

What is it about the moon on high
That lends itself to song and verse,
And mesmerizes every one of us
As in its beauty we immerse?

The moon cloaks itself in many colors
Silver, gold, and there is blue,
And goes by many varied names;
Snow and wolf and flower too.

The sailor looks to chart his course
While on placid seas he glides,
And the moon is there to offer help
With the ebb and flow of tides.


The leaves are changing colors,
The days are getting shorter,
The air is getting chilly,
Fall is here to stay.

The pumpkin patches are full,
The apple cider's flowing,
The falling leaves are dancing,
As the winds begin to blow.

The skies are turning grey,
The birds are flying south,
The clouds are rolling in,
It's a fall of change and growth.

The trees are losing their leaves,
The days are getting darker,
The nights are getting cooler,
Fall is here to stay.


They are afraid for me during these times
I sit and stare at space within my mind
During these times so surely I am tried
The times during minutes unoccupied

Find then the dream she's truly only mine
Math is simply boring the curves and lines
If we had only known its silent way
Would never feel this emptiness each day

I look outside and in my mind I see
Jessy riding windswept across from me
Unicorn she rides, royal blue and striped
Licorice reins, braided mane (she is hyped)


Benedictus sum a Deo, et tu .

Window to the red house

His small palms inside her secret pocket. He smiles, but She hates it. How different people get to know the touch.
It's small, delicate, impulsive. Like walking, shoes onto the floor, step curiously to the window.
Our little red riding hood :)


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