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Two words that I get muddled,
Though I don't use either much,
One word is vernalization
The other isn't such.

''So what'', you ask: ''is the other?''
Ablation is the one;
I don't use this one either
Serious or in fun

But then you pose the question:
''What do they mean?'' and I
reply: ''Get out your book of words,
For I am prone to lie''.

One is to do with thawing,
One for germinating seeds,
I leave it to you to find details
According to your needs.

I like the word oscillating
When the wife has had a few,
And how about punctuation?
Which many do not use.

But now I'll end this diatribe
Make yourself a cup of tea
Or coffee if you're so inclined
Take no note of me.

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this has a wonderful flow and the rhymes work so well! very lyrical and well done!


Thank you Master, I always try to make my words flow. Alex

author comment

Hello, Alex,
Off I went to www to find out if these words had anything in common. It appears that they do not, but I can't help but wonder if you chose them for a reason. They all have a very poetic flow, and I agree - your poem is lyrical and well done!
Thank you!

Not chosen for any particular reason. Two words I came across many years ago and liked. I try to throw them into conversations but don't get much chance. Ablution was another but I stuck with these. Alex.

author comment
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