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Ten Years Later

Her jeans were as worn and faded,
As her once vibrant smile...
The years had been less than forgiving,
She had lived her life beneath a neon sign...

I could see the fiery passion,
Still hidden in those eyes...those eyes...
Her hand slipped easily into mine,
She spoke with a gentle calmness...

Ten years had flashed by in a single moment,
We were back to a simpler time...
When cares were few and dreams were plenty,
How long could we hold on to it, an hour...maybe two...

Life will again invade our time,
As it’s always been known to do...
A brief encounter with an old friend,
And as she walked away I wondered...

Will we ever meet again...

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The below is a computer-generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

The poem "Ten Years Later" captures a sense of nostalgia and reflection on the passage of time. The imagery of worn and faded jeans and a once vibrant smile effectively conveys the idea of aging and the toll that life can take on a person. The mention of living beneath a neon sign adds an intriguing layer of symbolism, suggesting a life lived in the spotlight or under constant scrutiny.

The line "I could see the fiery passion, still hidden in those eyes...those eyes..." creates a vivid image and implies that despite the wear and tear of time, the subject still possesses an inner strength and vitality. The subsequent line about her hand slipping easily into yours and her gentle calmness adds a sense of intimacy and connection between the narrator and the subject.

The poem effectively captures a moment of respite from the complexities of life, where the narrator and the subject are transported back to a simpler time. The mention of few cares and abundant dreams evokes a sense of innocence and possibility. The question of how

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One of many poems I have written over forty years about life and all the situations we may find ourselves in during the course of it.

author comment

Hello, Stevo,
I believe this is your first post? Welcome to Neopoet! I really like the direct language and the simplicity with this. There is a rawness to it that enhances the nostalgia it holds. Reminds me of the feeling I get from Dan Fogleberg's "Same Auld Lang Syne."
Look forward to reading more of your work!

Yes that was my first post on here, thank you for the welcome

author comment

Memories, the company of an old friend and all the emotions that come with it. Nostalgia can bring such joy and sadness at the same time. Well written.


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