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Tales Of Ancient Greece : Too Late

Lathra beat his drum zealously,
As he entered a nameless town,
Hidden deep in the forest,
"Come one,
Come all,
And rejoice with me oh countrymen!"
He boisterously said,
As the people curiously approached,

Then one of them asked,
"What are we celebrating stranger?'
Lathra looked to the heavens and grinned,
"Your salvation,
Zeus is calling you to worship,
Will you not hear the call?"

Their faces suddenly turned somber,
Eyes blazing with hate,
As someone spoke up,
"Salvation is for the living",

Lathra's body tensed with fear,
Sweat forming on his brow,
As he looked for a way to leave the strange town,
But was surrounded,

"What causes you all to remain here,
Why aren't you in the Elysian Fields?"
He nervously asked,

Then a particularly angry man stepped forward,
And while tight lipped grumbled,
"Hell was full,
But welcome though,
We do love newcomers",

Lathra dropped to his knees,
His mouth open in shock,
That not only was he dead,
But realized that he never made it to the temple of Zeus,
For expiation of his sins,
His corpse still on the stone steps.

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Your poem piqued my curious mind. I have been reading.

I think this is a clever poem. It made me go do some research and pull out bibles until another matter came up. So thank you for sparking this inquisitive mind.

I'm still got some reading to do after dinner I've bookmarked so much, just from this one poem.

That is a mark of brilliant poetry imo, when it makes the reader to want to "know more"

I have always been a fan of many different forms of literature.

Bravo. I wouldn't change a word of this.

Regards from a Curious Creature. Seren/Jayne

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words. I'm glad it piqued your curiosity :)

author comment

Below the narrative, which is both fantastic and on point, there is a very universal question brewing here. The afterlife is a question mark and if consciousness continues beyond physical death, what is that like? I’m sure we will all be surprised in one way or the other.

Well done,

Agreed!! And thank you :)

author comment
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