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Tales Of Ancient Greece : Cruel Gods

From Aphrodite's gentle hand,
A gift was given,
Of a ring of great opulence and rarity,
Its exquisite beauty forged by Hephaestus himself,

What mortal could deserve such a boon,
Except for the young and innocent maiden,
Of the Epirus mountains,
Pure of heart and soul,

The girl blushed and took the gift,
And placed it upon her finger,
As white lightening surged through her body,
Making her feel as light as a feather,
While a wave of euphoria washed over her,

"Ares the God of war is in love with you,
And has forced me against my will to give you that ring,
As an agreement of marriage to him,
Since he knew you would refuse the proposal,
Of such a ruthless and cruel God,"
Aphrodite said with sadness,

And as tears flowed in the maiden's eyes,
At the trickery that would change her life forever,
Ares then appeared,
In splendid golden armor,
And feathered helmet,

Claiming his prize,
And ferrying her to Olympus,
While she tried desperately to remove the ring,
But to no avail,

"I shall end my life,
As I will never be yours,"
She sobbed,
Then jumped from the top of Mount Olympus,
Ending her young life,

But as Hades greeted her,
In his underground,
Of the spirit world,
Seated upon his ebony throne,
He laughed in disbelief and said,

"I really didn't think that Aphrodite and Ares,
Would succeed in getting you here,
But here you are in front of me,
Your life forfeit,
As my love for you runs deep my darling,
Even though you would not have given,
Your love and life to me willingly,

But cry not in despair and anger,
Innocent maiden of the Epirus mountains,
For you will soon find that my heart is kind,
And my touch gentle."

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Always seems to be a love triangle of sorts- even in real life! Well written!


Thank you! :)

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