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My Tin Foil Hat

They tell me, "Take that tin foil hat off you

No waves are telling you what to do

No black helicopters are up in the sky

Satellites are not watching you like a spy

The television is not talking directly to you

The box on top does not watch what you do

No shadow people are coming for you tonight

No aliens are going to take you on a planetary flight"

They are probably right, but they may be wrong

I think I better keep my tin foil hat on

Last few words: 
I think to be on the safe side I will keep my tin foil hat on.
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


at the sky but keep your tin foil hat on! You never know! I found this little piece to be amusing and who knows? maybe insightful.~ Geezer.

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author comment

I cannot help but think of one of my favorite movies, "Signs." (I could go on and on about that awesome flick, but...) Your poem reminds me of the scene with Merrill, Bo, and Morgan on the couch wearing their tin foil hats. I also get a sense of Big Brother from this, too. A deep subject presented with a lighthearted warning.
Thank you!

I really like that movie also. Thanks for reading and the comment.

author comment
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