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Mary's Daughter

Mary had a very spoiled daughter
She was tired of always eating only ham
Mary took her lamb to the slaughter
Mary's daughter longed for some leg of lamb

Mary's daughter was still hungry even after
Mary cooked up her daughter some lamb stew
Mary's daughter said with child-like laughter
That lamb stew was something that was new

Mary then cooked up some roasted lamb chops
Mary's daughter loved the taste of them so much
Mary's daughter judged those were the tops
Mary's daughter ate all of that just for lunch

Mary's daughter's stomach then started to ache
Mary used the rest of the lamb for lamb fodder
Except for pieces, Mary used to make a lamb cake
The slaughterhouse then came for Mary's daughter

Mary's daughter, they thought, had been fattened up nice
Mary's daughter would make a very mouthwatering meal
Everyone they thought would enjoy having a fine slice
Now Mary's daughter knew how the lamb did feel

Rather we want to or not; we must all face the fact
Every one of us, no matter what we may say or do
We will all end up at the slaughterhouse on a rack
In the end, we will all end up on the menu

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I'm sure there is more to this for you than cruelty to animals and the environment, but being a vegan, that is my instinctive take on this. Whatever the actual intent, it is raw and bold, and sometimes that's what's necessary to make a crucial point in poetry. From where I sit...well done.
Thank you,

Thanks for reading and the nice comment.

author comment

Definitely did not expect the end but there is much truth in it. Well done with your take on twisted fairy tales.


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Thanks Roseblack.

author comment

a new place in my heart, stomach... wherever. I think you should read some of my Killer works! He is a serial-killer who kills rapists, child abusers and bullies. He has multiple personalities and is also a gourmet chef and cannibal! ~ Geezer.

Thanks Geezer. I will check them out.

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