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The Reflection

Six feet under and still my mind is wandering
My choices I am pondering,
Should I have cared more for those I love,
Should I have supported the white dove,

The time a loved one passed should I have wept,
Or should have I let no one see me sweat,
The time I left those I care for, trying to chase a dream,
What will they think when I am never again seen,

Will they remember me as a hero and being brave,
Or will they remember the fighting and abandon my grave,
Will they put a poppy upon my headstone on the 11th day,
Will they pass by, but not acknowledge or stay.

Even in death I will be as lonely as I can be,
No one to remember the people I fought to free,
Maybe it was wrong to some,
But at the hour it was wisdom,

So now I sleep,
Lonely, without a peep,
Until the morning sun and all are alert,
A life to ponder down here in the dirt

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Is very essential we ponder about life. Every living soul is in the wait list of death. So, when we are alive we should show love to humanity.

Even when we are no more our good deeds would be our mouth piece that would speak nicely about us.
Nice piece !

"Poetic license
the poets
the free will to
embroider a good tale
and deviate from the established rules of language"~Jackweb

Thank you!

author comment

And perspective of what one may feel after they pass. I always wondered if those who have gone before us look back and wonder.

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beyond beyond and know that there lies nothing beyond here all is what is heaven or hell as you make of it No one can tell nor help not even docs also though they try vaccination therapy now we all know it god be with them only

Thanks Roseblack!

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Thank you!

author comment
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