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Taibai Shan Mountain Path

Beautiful mountains in hues of blue,
Where quiet birds fly,
The cool air kissing your cheeks,
Blushing them,
Your gaze falling beyond the mountain path,
My gaze falling upon you,
We are alone,
Among the calm,
My secret words of a restless heart,
Silenced by your wanderlust,
As you break the calm,
The moment,
Obeying your yearning for the unknown,
As I quietly yearn for you.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content


Beautiful. Even more beautiful looking at pictures of the mountains. How moving to be among such striking beauty, only to be more enamored in the presence of one's lover. Wonderful imagery and sentiment.
Thank you,

Thank you!

author comment

Watching your love interest soak in all she desires while you wait patiently and quietly for her. Well done!



author comment

It’s simply beautiful and though I’ve walked different trails my wife and I have hiked a bunch in our 18 years. Did a mountain or two when we were young and kid less. She is always really attractive to me but there’s something about being with her out there that’s magical. I think that’s what this makes me feel. The wonder, like how have we become so disconnected? We are nature trying so intensely to be something else. That love between people is a product of nature and I think that’s why it’s heightened on the trail.


Thx! I agree on how magical and amazing it is especially with the one you love.

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