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Little Betty Thruppence

Little Betty Thruppence
Knew some boy’s deserved comeuppance
So, if they offered her tuppence
She’d agree, but with reluctance

If they tempted her with fourpence
They’d get a comely reassurance
But Betty couldn’t take a chance
And wouldn’t agree without advance

Then she’d giggle and she’d tease
And she’d have them shaking at the knees
But the money had to change hand
Before Betty gives into demand

If the time was too extensive
Betty would find herself defensive
And her hand vigorously shaking
Would leave the boys all a quaking

That was until she met Dave
Who wanted to misbehave
After Betty became his slave
Her outcome, predictably grave

The money didn’t appear
And Dave, he said, all sincere
You’ll get it tomorrow
But first you take it and you swallow

How could she refuse
Girls like betty are abused
That’s the tale of Betty’s Thruppence,
And how she lived her life to sell her tuppence

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this really flowed for me and was entertaining to read. thank you for the smiles.

Tiffany K. Smith

Thank you Tiffany for reading it. I was/am still unsure about it. I'm trying to write in different styles and use topics so your comments have reassured me. Thank you so much, Ruby :)

Give and grow - let's raise our verses together. I'm happy to comment on your work and appreciate a comment on mine.

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