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Aye, the people,
Ode to war and cowardice,
Life can never get all,
All never satisfies,
Man and greedy on a nuptial bliss,
Thirsts fo chimerical engulfs;drunkens.

Take it to the present,
The past that births the present,
When bones and charms armed us,
And oil lamps humanizes our nights,
Fathers palm- wined in raffias,
And ravishing beauties barely covers.
Uzinna was glorious.

Wasn't there succulence brimming?
Peace, peacefully clinging,
And enough to chew 'Ta-tas'
Glee and bright upon us,
That was weren't suffering,
Alas! The passion for more blazed on,
Greedy beclouds reasoning, and fills the mind with total mugu
Inikpi, the river that oozes gold from her nostrils,
Having diamonds flowing from her nectars
The scenery beautiful,
Enough to drunken with lust
Many willing to dine,
Fine and mellow but flagitious,
Enough to send one to the second phase.
But no-one seems to listen,
When the ears are tingled with pleasure,
And eyes covered with lids,
Lust, mixing in thinking
Solace doesn't seem to rest.

Uzinna journeyed,
Karibu travelled,
Denmati sojourned,
Akila, the songbird trying to warn,
Sopranic dirge of sorrow,
But to exeunt for riches and vanity sat in order.

Going farther, further to death,
No one Victor , all vanquished,
A painful food for Inikpi,
The waters drank in blood, bathing on the bodies of many brothers.

Weren't they foretold,
That I, Inikpi alone is sacred,
The spirit of the twelve moons,
The all feared glorious nightmare,
Men indeed have lost it,
To chew and continue chewing,
Pleasure vivifying maximum,
The woes of tomorrow,
Never comes without a past warn.

Live your life mellow,
Never touch what your little hands,
Will scratch and graze to reach,
Peace should know this,
And to others cheering, vying,
You're all welcome to free exit,
Like your father's story.

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