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Brightfelt Passion

We are gathered here together beneath the stars
which gaze in wonder at us from afar.

We who have chosen to descend in our flight
and inflame the world with a more noble light.

To perhaps change the hearts and minds of those we touch
with gently offered words that can mean so much.

To rekindle with our breath the dying embers of hope.
Giving people new strength, and helping them to cope.

With the problems that life carelessly tosses their way.
Giving them one more reason, to go on living for another day.

Helping unlock the mysteries that plague their troubled minds.
While soothing their wounded spirits, with healing balm applied by line.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Review Request (Direction): 
How was my language use?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
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This is one of those poems I was talking about, that I write for others.
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Not Explicit Content


Wow. Thank you so much, dear Kat. What a lovely thing to say! That really means a lot to me. I'm so glad you enjoyed.

Yeah, I know I kinda picked a difficult subject for the poem. But it's okay, you know just take yer time.

Nobody knows 100% about elves, so you can put down anything you like about them. Give them unique habits, appearances and characteristics that no one has ever thought of before.

Like make their hair change color. Or let them cry drops of golden starlight. Things like that.

Like you, I just went with the Middle Earth version of them, which I think is the best way to go as well. But there's tons more you can add if you want to.

Happy Composing and good luck.

author comment

Can’t find any fault here.


Well, thanks so much for that, my friend. It's very much appreciated.

Be well.

author comment
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